Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Two-day Post Today

I am trying to get my life running on a better schedule, so I am going to try to blog earlier in the day, which may mean you will be reading about yesterday instead of today, or part yesterday, part today.

At any rate, I am staying up too late at night to tell you my UP.

Yesterday was epic!

OK, maybe not epic, but it was stupendous!

Hmmmm, maybe stupendous is not the word either...



That's the word.

I got the email yesterday telling me that I made it into the Mary Poppin's play at the Scera Shell!

Wahoo! It's gonna be fun too because I get to be with 5 others I have been in the last two plays with and really enjoy! Yay! Our first rehearsal is tomorrow!

I was preparing myself to be turned down after not making two other (Night of Broadway and Guys and Dolls) auditions.

I have to admit that when they say that you just have to keep auditioning so that you can learn how to audition, it's so true. Even though I was thinking I might not be cast, I was feeling more confident at the audition because I am learning better what I am doing and what is expected.

Maybe my confidence showed through, or maybe the just needed a girl who is five foot ten inches tall... not really sure, but I'm in!

I don't have a speaking part or anything, but hey, this is only my 3rd play, I'm just excited to be in the cast! I think there were like 100 people who auditioned and we have a cast of about 40 so I feel really privileged!

Another UP for yesterday was getting a message from Sister's teacher showing me a score she got on her test in her mainstream inclusion class and then he upped the UP by sending me a picture of her Student of the Week Certificate! Yay!

Dr. H said she had no help on this quiz and even read all the questions herself! I almost cried.

She was so excited to bring this home and show me

Then after those two fun messages I got another one that made my day:

I love her observations and her humor. She always keeps us on our toes whether it's good or bad.

But all of this awesome news also makes my heart ache a little knowing that this amazing teacher won't be here for Sister next year.

I get anxiety just thinking about what I need to do to advocate for our daughter now that having the person there that I trusted leaving and the situation that occurred still looming over my daughter and the school in general.

I tried not to cry when Dr. H sent me a picture of the new display they will be hanging their work by over the next while. He doesn't want to focus on the sad, but, instead, wants to be all in for the kids.

I'm sure that any one else who passes by this will think, "Oh, what a fun spring themed display for the Life Skills class." But, to me, and anyone else who knows the storm that has hit in that classroom knows that this has deeper meaning. Oh, and to boot, those flowers were made by he and his wife with paper! Ya, he's that cool.

Anyway, it brings about new thoughts as I take pictures around town on my walks and during photo shoots.

This was taken with my phone on a walk yesterday.
I love how the blossoms are growing so big and full and the sunlight is still peeking through.

Like these trees I will never stop growing. I will change, wilt sometimes, bring forth fruit (good and not so good—hopefully never bad), I will bring beauty into someone's day, I will bring life to someone's world, break in the storms, stand strong in the wind, spring new branches, but my roots will forever be grounded to keep me growing and reaching toward the light.

So, if you want to remember to never stop growing, here is a little pin for you to use and share:

Day 90 of 365 Days of Up

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