Monday, March 24, 2008

The week in perspective

Wow! We just can’t seem to have a calm week around here lately.

So on Thursday night my Aunt Becky and her daughter and son, Aunt Lisa and her kids, and my uncle Jeff and my mom and dad, my sister and her family and my brother and his family (about 20 altogether) came over. My aunt was in from Texas. It was so much fun to have them all over. I don’t get to have that opportunity to have my dad’s side of the family over too often so it was just awesome to have them there.

Really the whole purpose of this get together was for my son and daughter who both have Fragile X and my cousin who has Fragile X to have a spaghetti dinner together. All three of them LOVE spaghetti. How funny is that. Now really a preference for spaghetti is not a Fragile X trait, so if your children love it, not to worry. We just thought it was so cute that they had that in common. My son had 4 plates of spaghetti! He thought the party was a great idea. I think that 2 was a little overwhelmed with the company (as usual) but it was such a great experience for all of us.

I had fun getting to know my Aunt Becky better and seeing the interaction between her and Nichole, because i couldn’t help but see myself in their shoes in about 18 years.
My Uncle Jeff also shared his personality with us by keeping Avery happy with his stuffed animal technique as you will see in the pictures.

Friday the kids out of school so they were a big help for me. We spent most of the day outside playing because it was such a nice day--sunny and beautiful. Marc and I even went on a date that night. Can we all say “yay” for me finally getting out of the house! I mean really out, out to eat! It felt good to be amongst others and chit chat.

Saturday was a very interesting day. We rushed around early Saturday morning to get to my hometown Easter Egg Hunt. Or friends came with us--their kids are pictured here with 12 and 16. We were late but the kids were still able to pick prizes. They got 2 prizes each! I love small town functions! 16 even had 12 help her get in on the fun by having him grab some prizes for her. It was great because my cousins from out of town were there too and I got to see them again and Brooke too, who also came up. I also got to see some childhood friends and their family! My mom and little sis were there too and excited about it (ya think?). Then we came home, rested a bit and then went to a friend’s house and had a picnic with a bunch of friends. Then we had a huge easter egg hunt--our friends provided all the candy and eggs! How nice was that?!!

But, then after all the fun the day started going downward. Our horse, Sparks-R-Flyin’, we call him Sparks. Had been acting sick for a few weeks. First we thought it was the hay with dust then we thought maybe moldy hay. We called some friends for advice and they would say there was a virus going around that a lot of horses were getting. We treated him as suggested. Then Thursday night he started getting really bad--our uncle Jeff was worried he wouldn’t make it through the night. We put a blanket on him for the night and then Saturday morning got him some meds from the vet but, by then he wasn’t eating anything at all so we couldn’t get him to take all the meds. He was suffering and it was awful to watch. He was struggling to breathe and his legs would shake if he could stand up--which was rare. I think he had a lot of fight in him but the sickness was not letting up. Our VERY special friends, the Butlers brought over a friend who is a vet and she told us he wasn’t going to live much longer. Within in a half hour he had fallen to the ground--my poor kids thought he had died right then and the tears became more intense as they all lay around him to comfort him in his last minutes. Our friends/neighbors behind us came to give comfort. It was hard for them too--Sparks was their favorite. Our horses are like their horses too. It was a tough day for all of us. Our friend came and his family members and our brother in law to help Marc and lift an almost lifeless Sparks into the trailer. It took 7 men and one woman (thanks Amber B.) to lift him into the trailer and it was an amazing thing to witness. Then, as we tell our kids, we took him somewhere where he can run free and feel better. Goodbye Spark’s we love you. He was 5 years old this week. We got him when he was about 2. Our beautiful and gentle horse will be greatly missed. Here are some pictures of him when we first got him.

We got the kids minds off things by doing a our traditional easter egg coloring. We had a good time--really we did! We even had one explode during boiling and 16 thought it looked like Elvis. How much you think we could sell him for?!!?

Well, death, no matter who or what it involves, really puts Easter in perspective. It gets you thinking about what is truly important. I am so thankful to my Savior for all he has done for us. Easter morning was wonderful. We found our baskets and we got some really neat picture books about Christ and we read a few passages from those to put the morning in perspective. We had a our favorite breakfast, egg gravy over toast and then got ready for church. It was a good day. I was able to be back in nursery--I love those kids! Then after church we went to my sister’s for her traditional dinner and easter egg hunt. Oh, and it is funny because we told Aaron's girlfriend, Chelsea that she would be in next years pictures, but, if you look at the reflection in the window she is in this year's!!! We had so much fun!

OK, I think I will sign off for now.

Oh, and I will try to get my recipes posted for the last couple of weeks--I know some of you are waiting for the granola recipe.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Catch UP!

Well, where do I begin. So much has happened.

Oh, here is the deal on my knee. So I was in a lot of pain a couple days after the surgery but decided to suffer until my follow-up appointment (bad idea). When I got there the doctor was pretty worried about me. They drained 130 cc of fluid off my knee, that REALLY hurt!!!! Daaa! But once they were done I could really tell the difference and I was starting to feel better. Anyway, after talking to the doctor more about the knee scope--he let me know this. The meniscus tear was quite significant so they had to scrape a lot of that away, and then the cyst was a meniscal cyst, it was lodged in the tear. Basically, what it comes down to is that he is not sure that it will even heal or last very long and I may end up needing a meniscus transplant. (What? When the heck did we start transplanting cartilage!?) So I am still on crutches, doctor’s orders. I am not too happy about that, but, what do you do.

My mom, and sisters have been taking turns on the days my hubby can’t take off to help me with Avery. Avery is way too much of a handful to keep up with on one leg. My youngest single sister even slept over for 3 nights and got the kids ready in the morning! It was cute because on the first day she said she needed to take a nap because she was so tired. Wew! It must be hard becoming mommy overnight of 4 kids!

Speaking of tired... I just nodded off here in front of the computer! Ya, no kidding, I really did.

Anyway, I have a ton of pics to show so that I can fill you in on what has been going on.

All of us at my mom's house to have dinner and ice cream for my uncle's birthday.

All of gathered together to watch the latest movie by our cousin, Chambray Buhler. Oh, I loved it, she is so talented.

My dad wanted the bigest spoon and the biggest bowl.

A rare occasion--Marc washing dishes. He did this after my surgery while I was down and out.

Oh, I will try get some more later.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. Travis' Awesome Portraits

OK, so I am finally blogging again. But, I am not going to last long enough to give you the full report so I am just going to post pictures. My cousin, Travis, took family pics for our family and here are a few he posted--I haven't seen them all yet but, so far so good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Knee update

This will be short because I don't feel too well, but I thought I should let know what they found.

I had a cyst and a tear on the meniscus (however you spelel that). So they drained the cyst and cleaned up the meniscus and the knee cap.

I am just not doing well on the meds so I am pretty sick, but not in too much pain.

Well, I better get back to bed.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Knee Scope

Well, here I go. Yet another knee scope/possible surgery. I got my knee scoped a little over a year ago and have continued to have problems. I have not been able to play my favorite sports. So, tomorrow I go in for another scope with a possible ACL surgery. It all started when I was playing basketball in high school and some girl thought it would be cool to ram into the side of my knee--anyway I got my ACL replaced then because it was completely torn in half.

So anyway, I am scared to death because I do horribly with anesthesia--I hate it. And I hate the pain. I am hoping that they can find something to be able to help me out but, I am just not looking forward to the process.

I received a priesthood blessing tonight with my 2 uncles , my dad and Marc. I twas a beautiful blessing and I greatly appreciate it.

I will keep you updated.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

12 on the Piano

We have had 12 in piano for about a year now and this year was his first piano festival at UVSC. I couldn't record him in the festival so this is him in the practice room just before. We are proud parents. He received an "excellent." Go 12!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Anniversary #12

So, it's here. Our 12th wedding anniversary.

A lot happens in 12 years:

Year 1- Married and living in a little Apartment (been torn down since and replaced by the city office buildings). Buy our first car, Toyota Tercel (still running). We went to CA 4 times that year including our honey moon. Soon we moved into an apartment above an older couple's garage--they became like grandparents to us. Went hiking all the time. Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, river rafting. Hiked to the top of Mt. Timpanogos.

Year 2- Still in same place. Hiking on the mountain behind our home. Snowshoeing and camping in the nearby canyons. Yellowstone trips. Family Reunion in Oregon. CA 3 times. Wanting a baby but no luck. Young Men and Young Women's counselors and advisors. Love our ward, making lots of friends. Our landlords are wonderful-we become like part of their extended family.

Year 3- Go snow-shoeing, hiking, camping, Glacier National Park for a week. Get pregnant. Buy a house in another town for $98,900. Get a dog. Enjoy callings in Primary. Make friends. Landscape Yard. Camping, exploring, fixing up our 1938, 12oo square foot home. Buy a truck.

Year 4- I go to Young Women's camp in Koholowo when I am 5 months pregnant. We have a baby boy 4 weeks early and still 6 pounds 14 ounces! Bless our baby. Go to California the first time with our new little one--interesting trip, but he was good. It is the first time for Marc's family to lay eyes on our new little one.

Year 5- Y2K scare! Anyone remember that? Start working as graphic designer from home full time. 8 gets RSVP at first of year and is in hospital for 5 nights. 8 has his adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears. We find out he is delayed and he starts early intervention (Kids Who Count) at 13 months.

Year 6- This year is a blur of 8's Doctor Visits, hospital research, ER visits, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Play group, and teaching 8 how to walk, talk, sit up, play, respond, roll over, make eye contact. Oh, and by this time 8 has had his 2nd set of tubes in his ears. With money I got from a big design job I buy a Palamino Quarter horse for Marc as a surprise for Christmas--he was VERY surprised.

Year 7- We go horse riding, Marc more often than I, but we went a lot. Graphic Design at home is going very well. I end up getting design jobs for a local LDS movie filmmaker. I designed a book cover and movie poster that year (this started a long relationship with movies in this area. Our Tercel was too small and only a 2-door, so we sell our truck and get a Honda CRV. So nice to have 4 doors! Thank goodness we got a bigger car because our nephew 18 came to live with us in middle of summer, then his sister, 16 came at the end of summer. We all go to Oregon in our CRV for a family Reunion that Marc and I planned. Now I have one kid in Junior High and one kid in elementary school. Then 8 goes for his first time ever on a big, yellow school bus to his EI preschool at age 3!

Year 8- We give our dog away because he is just too big-sad day. 3 kids and 2 adults in a 12oo square foot home begins to get a little squishy, especially with the 2 older being 12 and 10at the time. We decide to sell the house. It sells to someone in our ward within 2 days before we even get the sign up. It sold for $107,000! (Those were the days, huh.) We lived with friends for 3 months while our new home was built. We have .5 acres and are able to have our horse there in a fenced corral in our back yard. Our house is 25oo square feet and we are spoiled--we bought it for $149,000! We are so excited because 8 is now talking. We love our neighbors and our ward--we want to be here forever. 8 breaks his shoulder when he falls off our horse, Golden. We buy another horse from a friend for $100. She was a 2-year old paint and she needed to be trained, we named her Puzzled Look, Puzzle for short. Marc trained her himself. He broke his hand when she kicked him. But, he still kept going and she is now the best behaved horse we own.

Year 9- We trade golden for her 2-year old foal Sparks-R-Flyin'. We call him Sparks. He was trained when we got him. 12 comes to live with us in the fall after a stay for the summer. We go to Glacier National Park for a Reunion and for fun. We now have 4 kids.

Year 10- We finally get pregnant with our next child. She is born 5 weeks early and weighs 5 pounds 4 ounces. We now have 5 children. Her time to come home was delayed because of jaundice. She comes home on the billy lights for a week. Then she ends up in the hospital again for going blue in my arms. We are there for a week as we try to figure out what is wrong. She comes home on oxygen and a heart monitor for a couple of months. We find out 8 has ADHD. Marc's mom and dad move a block away from us.

Year 11- 8 and 2 are diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. 18 leaves to go live with Marc's parents. We now have 4 children. We go to Sacramento for research to be done on me, my dad, 2 and 8. We learn a lot and it is confirmed that I am the carrier and that my dad is also the carrier. Tough year but very informative. Marc and I go to St. Goerge for a work water conference. Marc's parents have the kids all this time.

Year 12- We buy a camp trailer. We go camping almost every weekend--or at least 2 times a month from April to October. We love it. 8 gets baptized--an amazingly spiritual experience for all who attended. I start working at Kids Who Count and become the Utah County Representative for the Utah Association of Fragile X Syndrome. 16 turns 16 and starts getting ready to date! Aah! 12 turns 12 and becomes a deacon and gets to pass the sacrament.

Wew! We have really had some fantastic experiences in only 12 years!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekly Recipe

German Pancakes
This is a family favorite!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
makes enough for 4 people

Melt 1/2 C. butter or margarine in one 9x13 cake pan (pyrex/glass works best)

6 eggs.
1 C. flour
1 C. Milk
1/2 tsp. Salt
Blend all ingredients (except butter) till mixed well.

Pour mixture into cake pan with butter.
Cook for 15-20 minutes (I do 18 in my gas oven)

Cut into squares and serve with syrup. Don't even think about asking how many calories--it's good, dang it, that's all that matters!

What about me?

OK, so I have been looking through our posts and I realized that the mom really gets gipped when it comes to photo opportunities. We are always the ones taking the pictures and apparently no one thinks I am cute enough to take a picture of! (smile)

Just kidding. Really I was just thinking how many times my hair color has changed in the last year. In the summer I went red (like in the family pic I posted on one of the first posts). Then in the fall I went blonder, kind of a strawberry blond. Now I am blond and I have glasses. Oh ya, I forgot to get a picture posted for our site so you can see our glasses. Here is the perfect opportunity. Hold on a sec...I am going to grab my 16-year-old and have her take a pic quick. Oh, how I love the day of digital.

OK, just sec, be right back...

OK, got it. Now I just have to download it. Be right with ya...

Man, they don't look too great but, oh well, you will get the idea. Our daughter wanted to be involved.

Well, I guess I feel better now that I am actually on our blog site! Yay! If you haven't seen me blond yet, let me know what you think--OK, only if it is good. I think I should find some pictures of me with brown, red and blond hair and we'll take a vote.

Week in Pictures

2 is in dad's slippers. She loves putting on anyone's shoes or slippers that are laying around.

8 and 2 love watching horse movies so sometimes when we are sick of watching horses with them we set up the portable DVD player.

Dad and 2 watching a horse movie together.

12 and Dad all ready to go the livestock auction. 12 got to work there all day, holding up auction items and herding the animals in and out. 12 really looks up to Dad--they are little buddies. Riding horses together, working together and playing together.

The Elder's Quorum and High Priests group of our ward put together a Sweethearts dance. This is Marc dancing with his mom. What a precious moment--the smile on Marc's face says it all. We had so much fun. We stayed out dancing all the way till 10 pm!! (tee hee)