Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What about me?

OK, so I have been looking through our posts and I realized that the mom really gets gipped when it comes to photo opportunities. We are always the ones taking the pictures and apparently no one thinks I am cute enough to take a picture of! (smile)

Just kidding. Really I was just thinking how many times my hair color has changed in the last year. In the summer I went red (like in the family pic I posted on one of the first posts). Then in the fall I went blonder, kind of a strawberry blond. Now I am blond and I have glasses. Oh ya, I forgot to get a picture posted for our site so you can see our glasses. Here is the perfect opportunity. Hold on a sec...I am going to grab my 16-year-old and have her take a pic quick. Oh, how I love the day of digital.

OK, just sec, be right back...

OK, got it. Now I just have to download it. Be right with ya...

Man, they don't look too great but, oh well, you will get the idea. Our daughter wanted to be involved.

Well, I guess I feel better now that I am actually on our blog site! Yay! If you haven't seen me blond yet, let me know what you think--OK, only if it is good. I think I should find some pictures of me with brown, red and blond hair and we'll take a vote.

3 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

you guys look HOT!!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys look great in glasses. I also like the blonde on you, I'm not just saying that to be nice, I really do.

brookiebaby said...

Whoot-Whooo! You're one hot momma! :) I love the blonde! I have actually been debating it myself! But seriously it is way cute, and you always need to switch things up every now and then, why not color your hair???