Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random things before I leave to DC

OK, so here are some random thoughts--you know me--random is my maiden name!

Anyway, did you know that when your child has FXS there is a lot of anxiety that goes with it (as I know with a lot of kids--anyway). 9 got some brand new shoes on Thursday night. He didn't wear them on Friday to school because they were too new and he didn't know what to think. Then on Saturday when we went to the desert he was very excited to show off his new shoes. In the middle of climbing he threw a tantrum about his shoes being too slippery on the rocks and threw his shoes on the ground and hopped into the car. When he noticed that it wasn't very fun to sit in the car he put his shoes back on and played some more--this time, no complaints. Then Sunday, he wore his church shoes to church and then wore his old blue shoes to grandmas. I asked him why he didn't wear his new gray ones and he said he couldn't find them (typical). So I didn't give much thought to it. Monday we still could not find the shoes so we sent him to school upset and disappointed to be wearing, again, his old blue shoes. After he left for school 3 woke up because she heard the garbage truck and wanted to come watch it. When the garbage truck came I got a weird feeling like I had forgotten something--weird, yes, but not so weird when, finally, after hours of the family looking for 9's shoes, that we get him to admit that he was mad at his shoes for being slippery on the rocks on Saturday so he threw them in the garbage can. I guess he thought that I knew he had thrown them away and thought I had fished them out. So much for that. But, he has now learned his lesson, "Don't throw things away without telling mommy or daddy first." And I have learned to always check the garbage can before it goes out Monday morning.

I also learned not to cut string with really sharp scissors and not pay attention to my finger position. I actually laughed out loud as I cut the tip of my finger instead of the thread--what the heck! I mean really--did it take watching my skin squeeze through the scissors to realize that I had missed the thread??!! Ha!! Man! Only me!

And last but, not least, what is it with the word "like" for teenagers and earlier 20-ers! I mean, seriously. I guess it wouldn't bug me so bad if I could like actually understand like what the heck the were like really like saying. Because like, it becomes so like hard to like understand it all in between the like likes. Not to mention that 3 now talks that way! It's actually cute and funny though, because it makes me realize how closely she watches her siblings and helps them to see what true examples they are to her. So we are working on proper english around here. Because like, I mean like, really, we should like, learn how to speak...

OK, so I am leaving Monday for DC. I am so excited--mostly for the Smithsonian. I want to take tons of pictures. I even get to tour the capitol. I am so excited. Woo hoo! This is my second time ever flying! Remember last year when I was flying for the first time ever! Ya, I hope this time is as great as the last! I will definitely update when I get home. Feel free to offer help to Marc while I am gone--he may need it. Who knows! And Kendra and Julie, you may be getting a call from my mom or Marc if 9 misses the bus--so be ready to be on call. Wendy, don't forget 3! (smile) And Jessie and Tynelle just check in on them every so often and make sure all is well and make sure mom doesn't forget to come on Wednesday and Thursday! I have never left all my kids during school for this long--I am not sure how 9 will do with his homework--he won't do it with anyone else but me. And 3 won't let anyone change her or do her hair but me. I am hoping that while I am gone--they will realize that they need to rely on everyone else.

You know it is times like this that I realize Heavenly Father has his hand in everything. That I am so blessed to have all these friends and family around me that I can rely on. Not everyone has that--but, thank heaven that I do. Also, thank you to all those who are willing to volunteer to help me with our seminar on Fragile X!! I will be contacting you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Official!

OK, I am going to Washington D.C. for Fragile X Advocacy Day next week! I will be gone for five days! I will spend two days on FXS stuff and 2 days touring around D.C. I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time. It will be a great experience for me, lobbying for Fragile X Syndrome! Woo hoo!

Also, I am officially in charge (as a parent resource of Utah Fragile X Association) of the statewide seminar for Fragile X Syndrome here on Saturday, May 16, 2009. I am going to need all the help I can get. Volunteers to help with e-mails, flyers, manning stations and tables, babysitting my kids while I prepare and check out venues and get things set up—the whole nine yards. I am not sure what venue we will be using for this event as I am still getting that in the works, but, I am going to need help. So this is my official request to all you out there who want to help. Just leave a comment here and let me know what you would like to do. It can be physical, emotional or monetary support (checks would go to Angel Hands Foundation and in the memo line you would put "FX donation"). You just let me know, we will take what we can get. If any of you have connections for venues, or sponsors—let me know, if any of you have hidden talents that I do not know of that you feel would help in this cause and you live near me—let me know. This is my sign up list for helpers. I know I can't do this on my own, even with the two other leaders who are over this with me—they have other things going on, like the Walk for Fragile X Syndrome that same month! So, here it is, my plea for help... HELP!! Even if you have contacts with newspapers, or news reporters or whatever—let me know.

Don't leave your e-mails or phone numbers on your comments, my blog is searchable through Google, so for your privacy, just assume I will be able to get a hold of you.

Thanks to all of you for your support that you give to my family all the time!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paintball at Bubble Rock

Marc and I decided it would be fun to take the family to the desert Saturday. It ended up being our family, my sister's and brother's families and some friends and their families picnicking and paintballing!

It was so much fun!! The sun was shining, it was warm, and it just felt good to be out and active! I can't say enough how fun it was—I think we just really needed to have a good family activity that didn't involve board games, movies or American Idol! Tee Hee!

I took pictures of everyone! I even got some action paintball shots!

We saw a herd of antelope while we were driving out to Bubble Rock there. Actually, 9 was the one who pointed them out. (Many locals here call this area Bubble Rock because of the the round rocks that pop up all over.)

Jessie, Joel, 17 and 9 gathered round the fire waiting to go play.

A shot of everyone who went out to play the first round.

From left to right: Tynelle, Daniel, Marc, B, R's uncle, R, 3's friend, Joel and Hallie in the front in pink.

Joel, Daniel and Marc ready to go.

9 leading his cousins up the hill. He LOVED it out there, all the kids did!

He also loved the picnic and fire

Here I am all geared up to play. Did I already get Marc??? Funny.

All of us gathered up top to watch the paint ball war going on below. It was fun to watch.

Porter, Hallie and 3 watching

9 was happy as pie to be there but, really doesn't enjoy having his picture taken. This is his, I-hate-my-picture-taken face.
Everyone relaxes and eats while we watch the paintballing.
Left to Right: Jessie, Hallie, J, Joel, B, T, 3, Porter and 9

3 is a natural born climber, so of course, she loves it out here. There are great rocks all over to climb on. I couldn't believe, though, how well and how fast she climbed this big one. And she just kept going up and down it over and over again! Porter joined her after a couple of times!

B shooting at R's uncle (I think)

17 and R on the same team. 17 and I love paint balling!

Here's the group heading down to the battle ground again for another round.

Tynelle is in the tan sweatshirt behind the rock, Daniel is making a run for it to get R who is behind another rock, and then Daniel is in position as you'll see below. Daniel is the one peeking up behind the rock and R is in the white standing up.

Here is Tynelle in position—she was quite stealthy

A view of the area and some of the players (if you can see them)

Marc still shooting, while Tynelle walks up in defeat...

Marc and 13 getting in position.

On top of the world!

You should all go to the desert. It is so much fun! I love the area we live in. Mountains, Lakes, Deserts, Valley's, River's—all within 30 minutes! This is the Place!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All Dressed Up!

Here is 17 looking fantastic for her Sweetheart Ball at the High School. She took a friend of hers here in the ward. They had a lot of fun! They had dinner here at our house. I made Chicken Pesto, French Bread and Salad, and they had cheesecake for dessert. They played the Wii downstairs on the big screen (guitar hero and mario cart). It was fun to see them, and I am glad that 17 wanted to have part of the date here. They left after games to go to the dance.

Here is our table we set up for the dinner

I always have to take tons of pictures of her in her dress. It is just fun, and I know that I loved having pics of my formal dresses. She is just too cute!

singing and playing guitar--they had so much fun

The flower... that is always fun to watch

Here are the 4 of them. They couldn't round up a larger group so they just had to double.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!

Wow! I turned 32! Ya, amazing, I am getting older! We had a family party on Sunday that was a Valentine's/Birthday party. It was so much fun. We ate good food and played a fun game called "Moods"—that game is absolutely hilarious!!!!! Then on my birthday I got some special time with my mom while she took me to breakfast! Wow! She has never done that before, so it was a real treat! Thanks mom! And thank you everyone for the nice gifts and cards!