Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weekly Recipe

Strawberry-Peach Slushie

Fill your blender 2/3 full with frozen strawberries and frozen peaches (about half of each)
Fill with water almost to top of fruit
Add 1/2 cup of sugar

Blend till smooth

Serve up--mmmm good!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleigh ride??

Ok, so I am already missing the snow. Don't get me wrong--I am thrilled for Spring to come. It's just times, like in this clip, that I remember how fun winter can be. BTW, this is me with a camera on a sled being pulled by our horse in a field by our house with Marc riding. Enjoy!
Oh, and laugh please, that's why I am posting it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Again! What is with the tag thing!

OK, so now it is my 8 and 2 year-olds turns. Love you Crombie! (smile)

2 likes: snow, horses, singing, Western Horseman magazines, cottage cheese, spaghetti, soda, grandmas, family, playing, water, Signing Time and any movies with horses in it
2 dislikes: sleep, big dogs, strangers, and large crowds

8 likes: Phantom of the Opera (movie and sound track), anything to do with horses, Thomas the train, Harry Potter, Grandma Judy's songs and guitar playing, school, bus ride to school, his 3 best girlfriends in the neighborhood, water, being read to, singing, dancing, steak, spaghetti, soda, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and tacquitos
8 dislikes: homework, milk, dentists, scary music, mean people, little dogs, saying prayers out loud in public, and talking in front of too many people

We tag: Porter and Hallie, and Breanne

What is with this tag thing!

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 2 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years ago..

I was 21 and married for 2 years, having fun camping, hiking and exploring Utah.

5 Things that are on my to do list today:

1.Do this "I'ved been tagged post"

2.Watch American Idol

3.Work on Taxes

4.Clean My room

5. Return phone calls

What would I do if I became a millioniare
Set up accounts for my kids.
Sell our house and buy some property to ranch on with a house like the one we're in.

5 jobs that I have had
1. Mom
2. Early Intervention Aide
3. Graphic Designer
4. Print Tech
5. Mink Farm - now that was YUCK!

5 things you don't know about me:
1. I have always wanted to be a youth speaker at EFY
2. I think my husband is cuter than your husband
3. I wish I could try out for American Idol--not to win--just to see what Randy, Paula and Simon have to say
4. I like working in Early Intervention more than designing
5. I wish I was 15 pounds lighter

I tag Crombie and Ballerfam--only if you read this post and want to do it--I am just not one to do this stuff. (smile)


I have had a few people ask if my kids sign to communicate. Yes they do. Just they don't know how to work through their frustrations yet--hence the tantrums. But here is a video I though you would enjoy of my 2-year-old signing. I attribute the signing skills to Signing Time (check out and to my daughter 16. This was back in 2007--she signs even more now. I would suggest signing to everyone with children--whether they are delayed or not--it is amazing what it can do.

X Factor

My shpeel on Fragile X Syndrome for the week.

OK, I just have to talk about it once in while--I mean it pretty much takes up my whole life. Both my younger kids have it. Bless their hearts.

There are some days that I just don’t know how I can handle it anymore. Communication is such an important thing. When you have an over emotional 2 year old who can’t always tellyou what she wants-it can get pretty stressful. My brother learned that the other night when he was here to work and witnessed one of my 2-year-old’s incredible tantrums. She couldn’t tell me what she needed and I couldn’t figure it out. She fell apart for a good hour and let me tell you, she wasn’t happy. I sang lots of songs, rocked her, snuggled her in a blanket, put on a movie, held her, took her for a walk around the house. Finally, I guess she just got tired of it and fell asleep. And then the next morning she wakes up and she is just so happy--smiling from ear to ear, bounding about the house in the gallop we all know so well. How can you stay frustrated!

Then there’s my 8-year-old. Bless his heart. He is doing so well, and trying so hard to succeed in school. I was so excited because yesterday we found out he moved up a level in his reading!! Oh happy day!!! He talks so well, but he still has such a hard time explaining himself sometimes and really doesn’t know how to explain what his feelings are.

I watch both of them struggle, knowing they are so smart but their little brains just can’t help them get it out there. Oh how I love them. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but there are days when I think Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor because he thought I could handle all this.

Again, I want to express my love for all of you who have put your arms around my children and treated them just like anyone else. I know they do better because of the support group of friends and family we have.

Weekly Recipe #2

Ok, I know you have all been waiting for the next fantastic recipe! (smile)

Dutch Oven Potatoes 350 degree oven
(serves 10-12 people)

1 pound bacon (Cut into one inch pieces
10 medium potatoes (sliced 1/8 inch thick discs)
2 medium onions (chopped, however you like your onions, I chop them into 1 inch squares or 1/8 inch rings)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

(I have modified this for the stove top and oven at home. You will still want to use a dutch oven--it just makes it taste better--but, you can do this in the summer over coals too.)

Cook bacon on medium heat
in the dutch oven until brown.
Add both chopped onions and cook until transparant
Then add potatoes. Stir and cover in bacon grease.
Sprinkle 2 tsp. season all, 1/2 tsp. salt, and 1/2 tsp. pepper.
Stir until coated in bacon grease and then pour in 1/3 c. water.
Remove from heat. Cover and place in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes take out, stir and then sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top.
Place back in oven for 5 more minutes.

Tada! Dutch Oven at home!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Midway Fun

Our friend Cari invited us to come up to the cabin. It was so much fun. It really made for a great ending to my birthday! My brother and sister came too. Thanks Cari! For the fun and the memories!! The pool is fed by natural hotsprings--it was cold outside but toasty in the water!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Always Laugh

Whenever I vent on this blog site it is only to do one of three things:

1) Make you laugh because you have been through the same thing
2) Make you laugh because I paint such a funny picture with words
3) Help us all realize how lucky we are that Heavenly Father gives us only what we can handle

All because we must learn these three things:

1) patience
2) service
3) love

This picture explains the joy my daughter finds in messes.

Thank You

I am turning 31 this weekend! Woo hoo! I can’t believe I am that old. OK, not that that is old, really... I just remember when I was 10 thinking how old an 18-year-old was and at 18 thinking how the world would probably end before I was 30!!! How funny is that?!

So I was driving to visit my E.I. (Early Intervention) kids that I work with and my mind started to wander... how thankful I was for the little gifts the kids in my classes gave me for Valentine’s yesterday. And then I started thinking of all the people in my own children’s lives that I am so thankful for.

All their teachers, they have all been such a help in all of my kid’s lives. I don’t know what I would do without their continued devotion and help. It is truly amazing. My neigbors and friends who have scooped my children up and loved them no matter their situation and taught their own children to be tolerant and loving. People in our ward who have put so much time in and effort in making them all feel so welcome, loved and important. And, of family. I am no super mom. My family takes good care of me. They love our kids and are constantly there for them. Whether it is to teach our 2 youngest how to talk, play games, laugh, or our 2 oldest to look forward and be strong and choose the right no matter their background. I love my family, close and extended. The support I feel is so amazing and greatly appreciated. My cousins and aunts and uncles have been so supportive--even through the tough times of the fragile x diagnosis or even back to having our neice and nephew join our family--they have always treated them like family. Thanks to all of you, for being strong, being supportive, being accepting and kind.

Truth is Restored Again

Over a year ago, my husband told me he really wanted to display artwork in our home that reflected our belief in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He decided that we would create, together, folk art from wood, Joseph Smith's First Vision. The background is barn wood framed in pine. Then I drew the images of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the trees. My dad cut them out and then I painted it all and Marc put it all together. It hangs in our front room. I just wanted to share this with those of you who have not been to our home yet.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekly Recipe

White Sauce Spaghetti

Boil one package spaghetti noodles

In a sauce pan add 2 TB butter and melt. Then add 1/4 C. flour and whisk.
Slowly add 2 C. milk and whisk until smooth. Bring to boil and let thicken. Add 1 1/2 C. more milk and whisk till smooth.

While coming to boil add 1/2 C. sundried tomatoes.
1/2 Tsp. salt
1/4 Tsp. pepper
1/2 Tsp. Garlic salt (or, like I do, season to taste)

Whisk together and allow to thicken.

Pour over cooked noodles. Serve and top with parmesan.

*This is a great food storage recipe to use your dried milk, dried tomatoes and noodles.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My 8 year old son commented on Sunday that my brothers' girlfriend is "hot." Made me laugh.

OK, before I go to bed let me tell you about the evening, or at least the last hour of it. OK. Nutshell: 8 year-old wouldn't do homework, threw his pencil, pouted and screamed, and doing his defiant thing all while my 2 year-old threw her bedtime snack of cottage cheese all over the counter top and meshed it in with the water and poptart she found on the counter next to it all--and of course all this while she is screaming and flailing all over because she can't talke and we can't figure out what she wants. And on top of that my 12 year-old keeps coming in to tell me he needs help on his homework and I am wondering how I am supposed to help him while I have 2 screamers in my ear and pencils, cottage cheese and poptarts all over me.

Ha!!! Man I love life--it is truly the most wonderful thing I could experience. Ha! man, I just laugh reading over this!

Little Blessings and Big Rewards

OK, so today was a little crazy to start off. I was so tired this morning so I wasn’t on top of things the way I should have been so my 12 year old was a little late when my mother-in-law came to get him. Is this unusual? No. Not particularly. I just felt bad today because it is her first day substitute teaching and I was worried that him being late may make her late. Hopefully all went well. After that, my 8 year old and I rushed around getting him ready for his bus. He is in a Special Ed class at his school so we have the priviledge of him getting picked up by the bus right in front of our house. He loves it, but sometimes he is hard to get moving in the morning.

Flashback: When my 8 year old turned 3, he qualified for the early intervention preschool--this was long before he got his diagnosis of Fragile X. Let me tell you, you think it’s hard to send a kid off to Kindergarten when they are 5, try sending them on a bus when they are 3!! That was hard.

Anyway, so then my youngest and I headed to Work/Playgroup at Kids Who Count. Yes, it is work for me now--my new job--I get paid to play for 4 hours with other kids like mine who struggle with things. My little one loves every minute of it--until I am out of sight. She is still getting used to that. It is great for her because she gets so much extra help.

My shpeel (spill/advice) if you notice any delays in your children don’t hesitate to have them get help. My 8 year-old has been getting early intervention since he was 13 months old. He is considered very high functioning with his Fragile X. I attribute that to all the help he received early on. If you notice things not quite on target in your child it won’t hurt to check things out. And I see it in my youngest one--with all her progress.

OK, so back to Kids Who Count. So I have no education other than my high school diploma. I have just been really blessed I guess. I am a graphic designer because I was trained at a job I had, and now I am working at Kids Who Count as an aide in playgroup because of my experience being there the last while and with my own kids and working with them. Go figure, huh. You never know that path that is being carved out for you till you finally get to that point.

Marc was up with me last night. Checking out our blog site. He thinks it’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll get him to post something on here one day.

Talk later!

Monday, February 11, 2008

dates, duties and disasters

OK, so we are getting used to this blog thing and thought I would update you on what is happening.

Marc and I found out we need to have glasses today. So we will take pictures next week when we get them. (Gives you something to look forward to.)

DISASTER: It was quite a day at the eye doctor today with all my kids. Both my youngest kids have Fragile X Syndrome. (if you don't know what that is check the website at Anyway, they are both quite a handful so it was a test not only for me but for everyone who worked there and the other pateients coming in. I must say they were very gracious--hopefully they didn't curse us and celebrate when we left though. Actually Apple Valley Vision is a great place and they were so good to work with my youngest one.

Other than that little adventure, today was pretty uneventful.

DUTIES: Yesterday was church. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (if you don't know about that you can check the website at My nephew gave a great talk on Fasting and Prayer yesterday. I was very proud of him.

My calling in church is in the nursery. I LOVE it!! It is so much fun watching those little 2 to 3 year-olds play and learn about Jesus Christ and our new prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

DATES: The most eventful day was Saturday when my 16 year-old went on her first date to the High School Sweethearts dance. She looked absolutely gorgeous! She borrowed my sisters dress and I did her hair and make-up. The guy she took was just adorable--very gentlemanly. She doubled with my cousin and her best friend.

I am posting pictures of her dress and her beautiful hair-notice the reflection in the mirror. She's growing up so fast.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ok it worked. That was cool. Tynelle will be proud of me for setting this up.

So it is late now and I really need to get baby to bed, so, goodnight.

Gibson Family Photo 2007

Our friend took this picture for us in September 2007

This is new!

Ok, so I have been feeling like I have not caught up with everyone else and their blogs so I thought I would give it a try. We will see how it goes. I am hopeing it will also be a good place to learn about the day to day life of a mom with 2 mentally challenged children with Fragile X Syndrome and 2 other children who are my niece and nephew.

Alright here it is -- let me see if it works.