Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bird in the hand?

2 was trying to catch the little baby bird that had fallen out of the nest that is above the light on the front of our house. I wouldn't let her touch it because it looked a little on the injured side. But, I got some cute pictures.

Also here are some fun pics of her and out horses and my nephew stopped by for a haircut.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8's Great!

8 had his little school program today. They sang some songs and we watched a video and had rootbeer floats after. The pics on here are from the slide show they showed and I was at an angle but, I think you will get the idea.

I am so proud of 8 and all he has accomplished. He really has leaped forward and doesn't let Fragile X stand in his way--it certainly tries sometimes but overall 8 triumphs. He is a true example to us all.

Way to go 8!!!

Saggy Bread

I forgot that my bread was rising. :} I had made scones earlier and had enough dough left for one loaf. It was one of those nights that I was with my sister Kirsten talking about her date--I was so not thinking about cooking bread--that is just not as exciting. Thought I would take apicture of what it looked like before I cooked it at 1:30 am.

Sun block is always a good thing, right?

Ya, 2 loves to get into everything--really you guys think I only post what she does but, if I were to post everything it would be a full time job--along with the full time job I have of keeping up with her millions of messes. But, 16 was there to document it for me.

Me and 8 go riding

Here we are. 8 wanted to ride Puzzle with me, it was a little uncomfortable for me but, it was worth it. 8 was loving every minute of it. Then he got to go with Dad after. He was ponied along on Blue--he thought that was pretty cool. He is a really good rider.

Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory

I took flowers to my cousin, Kevin's, grave today. It was a tough one. You think you are OK until you have to lay flowers on a grave and then remember them and realize that were just too young to go. I guess that is the whole reason we have Memorial day, huh.

It was good for me to go there and feel the true meaning of the holiday. Honoring those who have passed by tending to their grave sight and showing others that they were and are loved. It always reminds me of the Christmas Carol. When Scrooge finds his grave overgrown and unattended. It makes him sob, not because it looked bad but, because no one was showing love to him even after death. It really makes you think. I love that story--so many lessons to learn -- Charles Dickens was truly inspired.

I couldn't make it to my Grandfather's grave so I gave flowers to my mom and dad and they took them up. My grandpa was so great, what a man he was! He told my brother that you could catch a bird by sprinkling salt on its tail. You should have seen my brother running around the yard with the salt shaker--yes, Tynelle, that was Daniel! Oh, grandpa, you are missed.

We also were able to celebrate life by having our family over for a Barbeque. It was good to see everyone and my brother and soon-to-be sister in law were able to be there too. I just love her. We have such a great family, and it just gets better and better with each person who joins! Oh, and Chelsea, I am really impressed--you do a great impression of me! You'll fit right in!

Well, that is the short of it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thomas the Train at Heber Valley Railroad

Here is Thomas the Train!! Cool huh! 2 and 8 were so excited to see a life-size Thomas the Train!

They had booths there too and the booth that 2 loved most was the miniature horses. They were just her size so she had to give it a kiss.

8 got his picture taken with Henry-- one of his favorites.

My nephew and 12 are really enjoying the ride!!

Here's me and the kids with the conductor of the train.

My sister-in-law and my brother and their two kids came too.

My brother is having a blast. Can't you tell! :}

My nephew poses for the picture. Look at those eyes. My niece, too, has those killer eyes.

The scenery was beautiful-- Heber Valley is such a relic.

Dad's Horse

So Marc's dad wanted to get in on the horse thing too and picked up a horse for free 3 weeks ago. She is a 5-year-old bay mare. She was skinny but very sweet and not head shy at all and was sweet with the kids. But, when we went to get on her this last week, it was a rodeo!! I mean, bucking broncs unleashed rodeo. So we decided that this wasn't Dad's horse so he had to give it away to someone else. She left today. 8 was very sad to say goodbye to Stardust.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rice in the Morning and Mascara in the Afternoon

2 emptied the bag of puffed rice. I don't even know how she climbed up to get it. She was sitting in the middle of it playing in it. Yay!

And here she is with my mascara on--no she is not gothic--she just likes to put lipstick on! Cute, just hard to clean off lips!!! By the way, she is crying because she didn't like how she looked--I am glad I at least taught her taste if I haven't taught her how to put on mascara correctly.

She won't get off her high horse!!!

2 didn't want to get off the rocking horse at Grandma Judy's. Marc was trying to get her off and was even lifting her up onto the counter but, she just wouldn't get off. But boy is she happy!!

Little Whipper Snapper

You need to say the title of this entry like an old man with a bad hillbilly accent--it really adds.

Anyway, 12 got a whip from a really good friend of ours. He was so excited to try it out. He is really good at crackin' it now. It is pretty cool to watch.