Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bird in the hand?

2 was trying to catch the little baby bird that had fallen out of the nest that is above the light on the front of our house. I wouldn't let her touch it because it looked a little on the injured side. But, I got some cute pictures.

Also here are some fun pics of her and out horses and my nephew stopped by for a haircut.

2 remarks:

Suzy said...

Look how tall she is...can you tell I am in denial about her and my son's ages? They just look so big that I have to comment on almost every picture. Good luck on Friday, wish we could come.

brookiebaby said...

Yes, tell the kids to break a leg tonight! :) Not really, but you know! I hope that you will record some and post it! I love the pics of your kids with animals. It's so great that you have taught them to love animals! Also, I love the post on 8. What an awesome kid! Way to go, 8!
Loves, Brooke