Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Mac!

Ya, so I am a Big Mac girl now! No, not McDonald's Big Mac---Apple Big Mac!

Ya, after 7 years I finally got a new computer- a big 20" new iMac--awesome! I upgraded my other Little Mac as much as it can go and now it is time for this designer to move forward.

I even got an Airport so that I can run both my Macs on the internet at the same time! Wow I have really arrived! Wireless internet--awesome!

So now I have 3 macs. My very first one I gave away so now I have my last 3. Pretty cool, huh. We are high tech family now. My kids and husband have one in the study they can use now without having to wait for me to be done with design work and the little kids have one in the play room to play games and draw on! Wew!

2 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

How fun! We just got a new computer a couple of months ago, after having our first one for about 8 years. However, we don't have a mac, which i hear is the best. I am lucky to know how to use this one, and was pretty excited when we got it. I needed it pretty bad for our business. That is really neat though, congrats!

Suzy said...

Jealous! Sounds fun.