Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yes, I am going to brag. I want to brag about my kids.

I have put 8, 12, and 16 in a dance and singing class here in the neighborhood. The teacher has a different musical picked out for each age group. 12 and 16 are doing High School Musical and 8 is doing Annie. They had their first performance today for a local school. My 16 sang her first solo I have ever heard in public and she was fabulous! I loved it. And 12, oh, he was so cute--he knew every step and every word and was concentrating so hard.

And 8 surprised me the most. He has so many challenges and I really was not even expecting him to get on stage to perform. I had just put him in the class so that he could have a social experience with regular functioning children. He blew me away!! Not only did he get on stage in front of the entire audience, but, he sang every word and danced every step. It was amazing--I cried--I mean, any mom out there who has a child with special needs knows what I am talking about right now. He amazed us all with his bravery and talent. He really did so well!!

I am also impressed with 12 and 16 with the way they presented themselves and the respect they have for their dance teacher. They are truly amazing teenagers.

I am proud of them.

For any of you who would like to come see their REAL performance. It is May 30th. The cost is $4. If you want the time and place e-mail me or call me and I will give you all the info. I would love it if you could all come. I am very proud of my kids!!! Come see!

Those of you who cannot make it I will post pictures from the May 30th performance.

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amyandrandy said...

this does not surprise me! the talent that runs in your family is incredible. I also know that alot of it is because you are a fabulous mother. you deserve a great mothers day!

brookiebaby said...

It's true, their talented mom/aunt passed along this wonderful trait! Way to go kids! I don't mean to pick favorites, but I was epecially excited to hear how well "8" did! Way to go 8!!!! :) Nic did a dance for her jr. prom. We expected it to be interesting to say the least, and she totally knew every step! They surprise you! It seems that if they are interested in certain things, they tend to learn easier. For example, ask Nicole about any pop stars, and she'll tell you the names of their albums, etc. :)
LUVS!!!! Keep up the bragging! your kids deserve it!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Way to be! I'm so proud of all of the kids, but again, especially of
8. I can't tell you how many times that Nicole got up to perform and I sat and cried. Even the first times that she gave talks and merely said a few lines. I'm impressed when they even get up in front of people! That takes courage! Keep on doing what you are doing. AND....

Happppppyy MOM's Day... YOU are an awesome mom; after all, why would you blessed with all of those great kids!!!! Hugs to all of you!
Love, Aunt Becky