Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rice in the Morning and Mascara in the Afternoon

2 emptied the bag of puffed rice. I don't even know how she climbed up to get it. She was sitting in the middle of it playing in it. Yay!

And here she is with my mascara on--no she is not gothic--she just likes to put lipstick on! Cute, just hard to clean off lips!!! By the way, she is crying because she didn't like how she looked--I am glad I at least taught her taste if I haven't taught her how to put on mascara correctly.

3 remarks:

MVP Family said...

I want to say that we really need to get together, but with your 2 and my Dennis we could be in for some real messes but great posts! I know I will never redeem myself about the "mom in town thing" however she is coming for Tacia's wedding and stay for about a week so can we just invite ourselves to your house and bbq and let our kids see the horses? They are always asking about them when you post pictures on your blog! So it is kind of your fault we have to come up there because you keep posting things about your great yard and horses. I don't really feel bad anymore about inviting myself now that I think about it! love ya!

Suzy said...

Lovely! She looks tall. So is M1. Crazy!

amyandrandy said...

see this is why i read your blog, 2is does the most creative things. mascara on the lips???? hey she still looks cute. love it!