Monday, May 12, 2008

Cottage Cheese

2 LOVES cottage cheese. She loves it so much that when Smith's has their 10 for $10 sale I actually by 10 things of cottage cheese. She eats so much of it that now I just hand her the container and spoon.

Well, tonight she would not go to bed--I was trying to get 8 to bed--apparently Dad reading him all those stories just wasn't enough. Well, 2 was upset and wanted some cottage cheese, so I got her some, set her up in the kitchen upstairs and I figured I was good to go read to 8 downstairs for a minute. Wrong! Just when I think, nah, she wouldn't be able to do anything with that..she does!

As I am reading I hear a thud and crack going down the stairs, it's 2! No, no it isn't 2 it is her cottage cheese! Her open container of cottage cheese!

At least it missed the first five steps and just got the last 10 and the wall and railing in the middle.


Have you ever had to clean half a container of cottage cheese off of the steps and the wall???

But, don't worry, I am OK now...she is asleep. I am pretty sure she won't make anymore messes until tomorrow morning.

3 remarks:

amyandrandy said...

i sure hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day because when I read your funny stories(mostly about 2) i always laugh and think, "how does she do it?"! she keeps you sooo busy. between my sisters blog with LT and your blog with 2 i get quite a good laugh for the night.

Ethington Family said...

I am starting to wonder if I have your 2's twin at my house. Jeb is about as destructive. just today i walked in to a (5 minutes ago prefectly clean kitchen) to find Jeb (fresh out of the bath himself) covered in chocolate frosting and he had painted the counters, cupboards, floor and sink. It was not so bad except we were trying to get out the door so janey and seth could catch the bus (i have to drive them to their stop), then i was going to go to the gym. I just made up for it by skipping the gym. so it wasn't sooo bad.

Courtney said...

Gosh Rachael. After reading this whole page of experiences with 2, you make my life seem easy. I'll try not to complain when my kids spill anything sticky on my newly mopped floor, which inevidably happens every time.