Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sisters! Sisters!

Here are me and Kirsten, my sister, being really goofy at 12:49 am! What are we thinking? WE thought we should take a picture to commemorate the moment. Why were we up this late? I was finishing up some work and we were talking -- she just likes to keep me company. She's a good dog.

2 remarks:

joelbilly said...

Rachael all the pictures on your blog are so cute. I was quite impressed that you looked like an official cowgirl on your horse. Jess

Ethington Family said...

Ok, I love the pictures!! You look so pretty. I love the bangs!
THe horse riding looks like fun. I haven't been on a horse since my dating days, and we even have horese. Brett keeps telling me once they are trained better, we'll go. He goes when we are up in the mountains, but I have never dared because i know it is not yet trained. I saw it buck off my kids. i keep teasing brett, but i really would like to go. keep the pictures coming-they are fun.