Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hairy Scary

No, this has nothing to do with my previous post. Although, we did end up with a winner, after all. Congrats Paola!

OK so onto this post...

Hairy Scary #1

Marc and I have been busy cleaning and arranging the house today. So in the spirit of cleaning Marc moved on to the trash, which meant he needed to walk past Brother's shoes sitting on the porch for the fourth day in a row. So, on his way back into the house, he went to pick them up to throw them in the house and "voila!" Look what he found: Hairy Scary.
See Brother's shoes in the bottom right corner. The bat was under them, right by our front door! Because it was daytime it was too tired to fly away, I guess. It was alive and made some creaking noises when Marc put it in the box to put it somewhere else.
Marc spread its wings out for me so I could get a good picture. What a sweet hubby.

Hairy Scary #2

Then when I went down to put some of my canning bottles away in my cold storage I was reminded of when my sister, Kirsten, was house sitting and she would blog about each day. Well, one of the days she randomly blogged about my potatoes that were starting to grow roots in the basement... here is what she had to say about it:
"I told Jeremy I'd make a good meal, so while he fed the animals... I made some pork chops, potatoes and gravy, and corn. But wait, let's start at the beginning.  I went into the basement and found the potatoes. I felt like I was digging in a nest of spiders! (shiver) The potatoes were growing long, white roots. I think they were out to get me. Rach, you should chop the legs off those bad boys."

So with that thought in mind I looked over at my potato sack and I busted up laughing. I just had to take a picture. It is too funny. Apparently I don't use potatoes enough...
I put the bag on the freezer so that you could get full effect of how long the roots have grown... eeewww!
A look inside. Anyone want a twice baked potato. 
(I'm thinking, just bake it twice so you can make sure they're dead!)

Marc heard my laughter and came in to see what was so funny. I asked him to hold the bag for me so I could get a good picture. This was his reaction:

So he asked if I wanted a picture with my prize potatoes.

Of course!

(I just showed these pictures to Marc and when he saw this one he commented with a smirk, "State Champ.")

I wonder what kind of prize I would get at the fair.

Na. We fed them to the chickens.

I wonder if we'll start getting hashbrowns with our eggs in the morning.

P.S. I have three graduations still to post about but this was short and funny, so I just had to post this first. Graduations, coming soon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Winners for a Hair-do

Well, that's what I thought when only 2 of you left a comment. But, hey, Rochelle, I can do Ellie's hair. You would be surprised. Next time we are together it is a hair date!

Thanks everyone for playing....

OK, so there really wasn't much playing, but that's OK.

I'll just go off in my corner and cry because no one wants to read my blog...


Really, I am just kidding.

OK, so maybe there is a little truth in my teasing...

NO, really I am totally fine...

At least that is what I keep telling my therapist....

Bwa ha ha ha!

Monday, May 24, 2010

French Knot and Bedtime Rituals

I said I would post Sister's hairdo from her previous "duh" look. Here it is.

I don't know if I made this up or not but, I thought of it and tried it, and it turned out pretty cool. You grab two pieces of hair and tie it into a loose knot, then you grab more hair and attach it to the the pieces and tie another knot, and so on. It was really easy and turned out really cute. I am trying to have as much fun as I can doing her hair now, because I don't know how long this will last... I REALLY, REALLY love to do hair.

In fact if you read this post and you live close enough I will do your hair for free. Your daughter's hair, your baby's hair (if they have enough), or someone else's hair that you think would like it. Just because it would be fun... for me. Maybe not the recipient... I may be able to make hair look good, but I can't guarantee it will feel good.

But, before I get to the details of how I will choose the "hairiest winner" let me show you our bed time rituals.

Marc, loves to check out what is up for sale on the local listings. So far we have purchased free weights (not free as in no money—free as in unattached, not unattached as in available—unattached as in no strings, not no strings as in... OK, really I can't come up with anything else here... I just thought it would be funny... and I think it was), a lawn mower, and tonight—an eliptical.

Ya we both know I need to blend his haircut more... moving on...

My children are creatures of habit, or really, in this house, routine. Every night we must do these things in this order:
Home work
Bathe/get into pajamas (depends on whether I have the strength and energy to deal with the bathing and/or how much mud they have rolled in that day)
Make Popcorn
Take Popcorn downstairs
Watch a movie (all or part depending on how late we start)
Brush teeth
Read 3 to 4 stories
Go to bed

Since I don't want to be sued or some crazy thing I won't post any tub pictures but, for your blogging enjoyment I present the popcorn feasting:
(Yes, Brother is stuffing his face. Yes, he is making funny eyes. But, hey, he's still cute!)

 OK, so now for the hair doing. Hmm what to do to decide how I will choose the winner. Hmmm.... (clock ticking)
(Jeopardy music in the background)

Ah hah!

Tell me what kind of hairstyle you want to try and who it is for—you, child, little friend, big friend (no animals, although, I have gotten good at french braiding Brother's horse's hair...)

OK, so that is it. "Hairiest Winner" is on it's way.
I will choose the winner by Wednesday the 26th sometime that day—not sure when, hey this is not official, I'm just a mom blogger here, really, let's not get too technical, just sometime on the 26th I will post the winner... (smile
Hey, I will even throw in a hair flower to go with your free style... ah, now there's the grabber!

(I can't believe I am doing this. Am I nuts? What, like you couldn't just call me up and ask me to do your daughter's hair? Pppfth. Oh well, let's see what happens.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010



Deep Breath...


OK, I just had to get that out.

Thanks for letting me scream my typewriter out online.

Very therapeutic.

Let's all go on with our day now.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010



So now that I am nursing I have the blessing of being.. well... ummm... veluptuous... TEe hee!

Anyway, I was trimming Brother's toenails and I was bending over forgetting that my neckline was a little low.

Brother exclaims, "Ah, you have a line mom."


"You have a line. My teacher has a line too."

"Oh ya." I am trying not to completely laugh my head off at this point, "Ya, girls have lines."

"Ya, only girls have lines."

Tee hee!


So I have found out the hard way that if you are in the grocery store parking lot and there is an over weight man loading groceries into his car and you think you see a line...

Don't take a double check. Chances are, it is a line you did not want to see twice.

Crack kills... my eyes and my belief in good jeans for oversize men.


She keeps asking to watch "Shampoo"

That is "Winnie the Pooh" for all you who don't read between the lines...


I tried my hand at painting fancy toenails. I will keep practicing.
I painted 18's too, but didn't get a picture... it's OK, I really do still need practice.


Baby has been sleeping through the night for a month now!


I have earned every one of them. Here are a few pictures to show you why...
This is a picture Tynelle took of Brother in Florida at one of the beaches. She told him to go by the turtle so she could take a picture...

Here is Sister with one of her "looks"--I'll post the pictures of her hairdo later.

Nuff said.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bok bok Bagaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk!!!!!

Two of these eggs are not like the others.

I just had to take pictures of these eggs from our chickens.

The little one is about the size of a robin egg.

I love Marc's face, "What the...?"
I am realizing he is a really good actor.

No problem to lay that one I am sure. It makes me giggle just seeing how little it is.

Then there is the wrinkly one.
 What the heck?!

I am surprised that chicken survived giving birth to that one!

I mean seriously, how do you get a wrinkly egg?

I'm just thinking, "ouch!"

Then I think, "Bwa haa ha!"

Were these eggs edible? Yes and no.

The little egg: when I cracked it open it was all yoke so that kind of wigged me out—didn't eat it.

The constipated egg: the shell was a little soft but the egg was normal inside.

I laughed while I was cracking it.

Ah! I am so glad that even nature has a sense of humor!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Easter Party in May!!

Ya, I know, what is with me and late Easter Posts?! But, hey, this wasn't my fault—it was planned for May... whatever.. it was fun anyway! I thought the best way to tell this story was to explain the pictures... trust me, some of them are pretty funny...

 This teenager was so annoying... oh... wait... that's my husband!

Check out my cousin in the green striped shirt, bottom left:
did he just puke in that cup? He looks like he doesn't feel so good... Tee hee! Just kidding buddy...

Brother and Sister were having fun with my cousin playing in the sand pile.
This is what they ended up with:
Sticks in the sand.
 Oh, and a beautiful blue outhouse in the background.
I love it when I get good pictures.
(If you guys don't get my sarcasm in these statements you will not have fun with this post... sorry)

Ppfth! I can't tell what my uncle, Slade, is sneering at but, it sure looks funny. Maybe he didn't like the wrinkly hot dogs my uncle, Brad, was cooking.
(Did you know that hotdogs could even get wrinkly? Well, they can!)

Chef at work! Tyler looks really excited about that beef!

REALLY happy to be here!

Just kickin' it

I had the opportunity to come over to the cool side and hang out with the Orgills! (smile)
Davey even posed to remind how cool he really is!

Then the pull-up competition ensued...
Uncle Ben gave Marc a leg up... I mean it was a ways up there... no shame...
Marc did the best... well, at least I think he looked the best on the pull-up bar. I'm a little biased.

Tyler getting a leg up

Uncle Todd

Jeremy (ya, ya, Kirsten you can say all you want, I give you permission)

I think April just has a knack for knowing when to smile for a picture...

swinging on the flag pole was a great pass time

Brother is very excited to run to go find his candy sack

My mom may have been more excited than Sister...

Sister looks like she's saying, "Help me." Tee hee!

Yay, the coveted chocolate bunny

Brother finds his sack

Sister would like to thank Uncle Slade for this ridiculously huge sucker...
it doesn't fit in her mouth, but, she still tried
This picture right here is the prize winner of this post!
SWEET!!!! (pun intended)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Horses and Shells

So, Brother was so cute the night before we left to Florida.

He had asked me to braid his horse's hair so that she would look like a show horse. He was so excited when it turned out just how he wanted. He even picked out the elastic for it.

Later that afternoon he kept telling me to go see his horses in the hay.

We were busy and I kept telling him I would go see it. One thing after another kept coming up and I just didn't get out to see it yet. Finally about 9:30pm while he was in his pajamas he was so excited to note to me that I was free to go see his horses in the hay.

He told me to bring my camera. He was giggling with excitement when I got out there. He kept clasping his skinny little hands together, skipping and so excited for me to see how well he had taken care of his horses.

This is what I saw:
This is Trigger, Golden and Aarow.

Oh my word, my kid is so cute! Aaah! I can't believe he went to all this work, he is so adorable.

Then, while in Florida Tynelle taught me about shells with holes in them. The holes are made from worms that eat their way through them. She thought it would be fun to collect a bunch of shells to make a necklace or bracelet with.

Saturday night I got excited to make a some necklaces with the shells I had found and brought home. It was fun getting creative. I gave some away but kept 4 of them. I still have some shells to make more.

I am showing close-ups so if anyone out there has some worm hole shells they can make necklaces too! (That was a hint, Tynelle.)
This one is my favorite. It is a "plaid" shell. Tynelle found this one for me. I wore this necklace yesterday.