Monday, May 24, 2010

French Knot and Bedtime Rituals

I said I would post Sister's hairdo from her previous "duh" look. Here it is.

I don't know if I made this up or not but, I thought of it and tried it, and it turned out pretty cool. You grab two pieces of hair and tie it into a loose knot, then you grab more hair and attach it to the the pieces and tie another knot, and so on. It was really easy and turned out really cute. I am trying to have as much fun as I can doing her hair now, because I don't know how long this will last... I REALLY, REALLY love to do hair.

In fact if you read this post and you live close enough I will do your hair for free. Your daughter's hair, your baby's hair (if they have enough), or someone else's hair that you think would like it. Just because it would be fun... for me. Maybe not the recipient... I may be able to make hair look good, but I can't guarantee it will feel good.

But, before I get to the details of how I will choose the "hairiest winner" let me show you our bed time rituals.

Marc, loves to check out what is up for sale on the local listings. So far we have purchased free weights (not free as in no money—free as in unattached, not unattached as in available—unattached as in no strings, not no strings as in... OK, really I can't come up with anything else here... I just thought it would be funny... and I think it was), a lawn mower, and tonight—an eliptical.

Ya we both know I need to blend his haircut more... moving on...

My children are creatures of habit, or really, in this house, routine. Every night we must do these things in this order:
Home work
Bathe/get into pajamas (depends on whether I have the strength and energy to deal with the bathing and/or how much mud they have rolled in that day)
Make Popcorn
Take Popcorn downstairs
Watch a movie (all or part depending on how late we start)
Brush teeth
Read 3 to 4 stories
Go to bed

Since I don't want to be sued or some crazy thing I won't post any tub pictures but, for your blogging enjoyment I present the popcorn feasting:
(Yes, Brother is stuffing his face. Yes, he is making funny eyes. But, hey, he's still cute!)

 OK, so now for the hair doing. Hmm what to do to decide how I will choose the winner. Hmmm.... (clock ticking)
(Jeopardy music in the background)

Ah hah!

Tell me what kind of hairstyle you want to try and who it is for—you, child, little friend, big friend (no animals, although, I have gotten good at french braiding Brother's horse's hair...)

OK, so that is it. "Hairiest Winner" is on it's way.
I will choose the winner by Wednesday the 26th sometime that day—not sure when, hey this is not official, I'm just a mom blogger here, really, let's not get too technical, just sometime on the 26th I will post the winner... (smile
Hey, I will even throw in a hair flower to go with your free style... ah, now there's the grabber!

(I can't believe I am doing this. Am I nuts? What, like you couldn't just call me up and ask me to do your daughter's hair? Pppfth. Oh well, let's see what happens.)

3 remarks:

Rochelle said...

I have 3 girls and really no hair to do... But maybe in the future when you move into our neighborhood!!! :)

The Chizel Family said...

I'm in!! wait....hmm thousands upon thousands of miles..hmm..if I win will you come here??

Paola said...

Rachael!!! Sofia would LOVE to get her hair done!!!