Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Horses and Shells

So, Brother was so cute the night before we left to Florida.

He had asked me to braid his horse's hair so that she would look like a show horse. He was so excited when it turned out just how he wanted. He even picked out the elastic for it.

Later that afternoon he kept telling me to go see his horses in the hay.

We were busy and I kept telling him I would go see it. One thing after another kept coming up and I just didn't get out to see it yet. Finally about 9:30pm while he was in his pajamas he was so excited to note to me that I was free to go see his horses in the hay.

He told me to bring my camera. He was giggling with excitement when I got out there. He kept clasping his skinny little hands together, skipping and so excited for me to see how well he had taken care of his horses.

This is what I saw:
This is Trigger, Golden and Aarow.

Oh my word, my kid is so cute! Aaah! I can't believe he went to all this work, he is so adorable.

Then, while in Florida Tynelle taught me about shells with holes in them. The holes are made from worms that eat their way through them. She thought it would be fun to collect a bunch of shells to make a necklace or bracelet with.

Saturday night I got excited to make a some necklaces with the shells I had found and brought home. It was fun getting creative. I gave some away but kept 4 of them. I still have some shells to make more.

I am showing close-ups so if anyone out there has some worm hole shells they can make necklaces too! (That was a hint, Tynelle.)
This one is my favorite. It is a "plaid" shell. Tynelle found this one for me. I wore this necklace yesterday.

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The Chizel Family said...

oh I love them! you are way creative, maybe I'll just send you more shells :)