Friday, May 14, 2010

Bok bok Bagaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk!!!!!

Two of these eggs are not like the others.

I just had to take pictures of these eggs from our chickens.

The little one is about the size of a robin egg.

I love Marc's face, "What the...?"
I am realizing he is a really good actor.

No problem to lay that one I am sure. It makes me giggle just seeing how little it is.

Then there is the wrinkly one.
 What the heck?!

I am surprised that chicken survived giving birth to that one!

I mean seriously, how do you get a wrinkly egg?

I'm just thinking, "ouch!"

Then I think, "Bwa haa ha!"

Were these eggs edible? Yes and no.

The little egg: when I cracked it open it was all yoke so that kind of wigged me out—didn't eat it.

The constipated egg: the shell was a little soft but the egg was normal inside.

I laughed while I was cracking it.

Ah! I am so glad that even nature has a sense of humor!

6 remarks:

Rochelle said...

Ahhh I would not eat those!!`

Anonymous said...

I guess I need to toughen up a bit because I would have a hard time eating the odd ones-but it did make me think of how funny it would be to open up a case of eggs from the store and find a huge wrinkly one ha ha :)

Anonymous said...

"Constipated Egg"
You are hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

We have had eggs like that too in the past. Sometimes they look perfectly normal until the end and then it looks like the chicken wasn't sure how to stop and you get this little after thought part of the egg.
Glad to see you guys are enjoying your chickens as much as us!

Amanda said...

Those are great eggs! I am curious to know what the wrinkley one tasted like. I bet it's still good:)

Brad.Lindsey.Lexi.Rowen said...

I love this post! I'm with you...I'm glad that Mother Nature has a sense of humor!