Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Florida Pictures Edited

OK, so there are literally hundreds of pictures that we took in Florida. I will try to narrow it down.

First off, before any pictures. It was hard to leave. Not really because I was leaving Florida, but because I was leaving my brother and his family to join the rest of my family here. I was sad because he doesn't have family there. That's why I cried. Yes, Tynelle, I cried. A little. I was happy to go back home and see my house and all my family again. But, I miss my brother. I know it has only been a few months but, I miss him. I developed a relationship with my sister-in-law that will forever be etched in my heart. And my niece and nephew, Popo and Berry, well, I am glad I got to see them so little and sweet. They grow so fast and I feel privileged to have been able to spend so much time with them. They really had a great time with my kids and my kids gave them a run for their money. I think that Popo and Berry have never been forced to give up so much! Poor kids. My kids are tough when it comes to wants... Bless Popo's and Berry's hearts for doing so well with sharing their rooms, their toys, their cars, their food and their WII. We love them and miss them.

So to commemorate our trip...

Florida in Pictures (WARNING: there are a LOT of pictures!):
Here are Brother and Sister looking out the window at our plane at the Atlanta Airport. They loved it! 

This is how Baby was pretty much the entire time.

After a long first night we went to the pool and this is Sister afterwards. I think she is happy to be with her cousins watching TV, but she is quite exhausted...

This is the boardwalk to Clam Pass State Park. We are riding on a tram (golf cart) on the mile boardwalk through the mangroves.

Our first view of the Florida ocean. (Clam Pass)

No judging... although Marc looks rather awesome (smile)
I was just excited to have a family picture at the ocean.

This was Sister's first time to see the ocean. The last time were were at the ocean was on the other side of the U.S. and I was five months pregnant with Sister.

Popo was fearless when it came to the ocean or any water for that matter. Brother was having fun adventuring with him.

see my reflection in his sunglasses?
It was Baby's first time too. She turned 6 months old while on this trip.

This picture makes me laugh. NO. Not because of my hat. Because I am smiling and unaware that Baby is completely distraught.

All the kids had so much fun playing in the sand. It was hot though, I wasn't used to the heat and humidity yet. Thank goodness for the breeze.

I went out on the boogy board with Popo. I was terrible at it but, I was having a total blast. Popo is busy just laughing what a dork I am.

Then Marc went out.

Brother wanted to try so Tynelle was giving him some instruction.


He gave up and decided to just take it for a walk...

This pretty much sums up Sister and Berry. They were so cute. They miss each other.

This is the entrance to the complex that Daniel and Tynelle live in. Quite the place to be! We felt like we were staying at a 5-star resort!

 Here's what their condo looks like from the outside.

Any of you who know Tynelle, knows she keeps a clean home. It felt good to mess it up! Tee hee!

This is the resort-style pool we went to almost everyday. It was so much fun. Wahoo!

Then we went to Oasis to see some Alligators. We were on a fenced boardwalk looking down at them in the river. I thought we were close then. You will see later on in this post why they seem so far away to me now in these pictures.

Here we are at the Kirby "hike"—it's just a short boardwalk... (smile)

We took a picture of Brother in front of the turtle we saw there because he LOVES turtles.

At the end of the Kirby hike there was a cabana that we had lunch under. It was surprisingly refreshing under there with the breeze. That is one of the really nice things about Florida is that there always seems to be a breeze.

Daniel loves fruit stands and this one is close to his house. The grapefruit there were, what I like to call, divine!

Brother and Popo were playing with the trains every second they had an opportunity. I cannot tell you how many times I tripped over the tracks in the middle of the night... the things we do for our kids.

bike ride with the guys

Brother doing his "pose" at the fountain. We were continuously entertained with Brother's poses for all the pictures. Take note of them as you scroll through. I think I posted a couple.

Daniel should charge for his mad toe nail painting skills. (he also has nunchuck skills.... OK, bad joke)

Look. My toes are phat!

Tynelle's took some time, but man, that is some intense toe nail work!

After we got the kids to bed at night we would have ice cream as adults and watch a movie. It was great!
That's me pretending to eat ice cream. Convincing.

Sister taught Berry the art of diaper slippers. They were entertained everyday...
Apparently though, slippers were not enough for Berry. Here she is in Baby's snuggli. She wore it for at least an hour that morning. And check out her pose. Who taught her that?

At the pool again!
The kid's LOVED coloring when they got tired of swimming.

Check out Joslin's hat... she looks like someone from a cartoon...
tee hee

Tynelle really worked hard with my kids with the water—Brother to swim and Sister and Baby to go under the water. Here is Sister taking a break and playing in the fountain.

Marco Island.

Because I am getting tired of this post I will try to lessen my explanations and just ask you to enjoy the scenery...
But first, this is a picture of me taking a picture of this...
A snail trail in the sand.

Barefoot Beach

Naples Pier
tough wind... ha

Next: Snorkeling
On our way to Key Largo to go snorkeling there is this teeny tiny post office alongside the road. I took this picture for my dad.

Daniel was in heaven with all the farming and fruit stands on the way, so we finally stopped at one.

I thought this was interesting. I have never seen palms all in a row like an orchard

While waiting for our catamaran to take us out, Marc saw these birds

Here are the kids eating lunch on the way out to the John Pennekamp State Park (Coral Reef)


Daniel and the kids
Tynelle is giving me some coaching

On the way home. The kids loved the ride. Brother is not sick he is looking through the wholes to see the water...

Tynelle took care of Baby while I was feeling sick. And it you see Daniel looking off in the horizon, he is trying not to feel sick too. Then there is me after a little soda to settly my stomach...

Then we went out to Wendy's to eat. I was starving. I lost my lunch after all...

Last Day we packed in more alligators, man, were they ever close.
The pool.
And Marco Island again for our last Florida Beach Sunset.
Look how close Marc is to the alligator on the bottom left

This one scared me--thenI noticed the other one lurking under the water next to it--oh, and we were probably 8 yards away sitting in the car...

at the pool one last time we had to do a goofy picture

We found a lot of shells this time
Story to this picture:
We were walking along the shoreline as a family. After a minute or two Marc nervously asked, "Where's [Sister]??" I started to laugh and asked, "Are you serious?" He actually started looking around and noticed her leg on his shoulder and clued in to my laughter. This picture was a set-up for the retelling...

Crab anyone??

It was such low tide while we were there. Usually these rocks are covered by water

Baby wearing Daddy's hat

Wow! What a trip that was!!!

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Paola said...

That was one AWESOME vacation!!!great photos!!!

wendy said...

Loved all of the pictures. That was lllloooonnnnnggggg. Loved every bit!

The Chizel Family said...

Oh how we miss you guys, loved the post! You tell things much better than I could. that posed picture of Marc looking for avery is the best, he is one good actor :)

Mariah said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad for your family. It all looks so serene. :) Next time can we come?

Rochelle said...

Very relaxing pictures (even though it probably wasn't :)) Glad you had a good time. LOVE IT!!

amyandrandy said...

i loved seeing these pics! so beautiful. your fam is so stinkin' cute.

rach said...

So jealous! That looks like a LOAD of fun!!! It would be hard to come home!

crombie said...

there are so many great pictures! I especially love the ones with the setting sun in the background :) It is gorgeous there and obviously they've already found some great spots to take the family- Glad you had so much fun!

Travis and Cami said...

wow, that makes me really want to go on vacation. love all the pictures :) so glad you guys got the chance to go down there!

p.s. baby is ADORABLE! :) i can't believe she is already six months.

Rosanne Orgill said...

wow what great pictures it looks like you had a great time and Daniel and Tennielle look great. You look awesome in a swimsuit

Kirsten Amelia said...

sniffle sniffle I miss them! And I want to go to Florida real bad! Me and Jer are trying to save up....:) I love the pictures, especially of little baby

Anonymous said...

the pictures were phenomenal! I
loved them all. The sunset scenes were beautiful, too. So glad that
Daniel and Tynelle are having such
great experiences. Love you guys
and miss you all, too.
Aunt Becky