Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paintball Chicks and Dudes!

So 16, Kirsten, 12, Marc, Aaron, Daniel, and Tynelle went and played paintball. I went to take a few pics and then take the kids back to my house to babysit. I can't wait till I get to play--it looked like a lot of fun.

Thanksgiving at my house!

Oh, how I loved Thanksgiving. We hosted it at my house again. Marc's parents came, my parents, Kirsten, Jessie and her fam, Daniel and his fam and my uncle Jeff and my grandma R. I loved making the food for it and getting the tables ready. 16 was a huge help with the potatoes, gravies and the tables. She made the name tags. I was so glad to have (almost) everyone there. I was especially grateful to have my uncle and grandma there.

We have a tradition of making apple turkeys with all the kids when we get together with my side of the family. It is so cute to see all the kids working so hard to make their turkeys.
We also let the kids ride our horse, we played football and dominoes and watched movies.

Check out the pics.

We set up 3 tables—one in the kitchen, and two in the front room. We fed 22 people.

Here was where we put all the food. There really was no room but we made it work. I cooked each a ham and a turkey in my dutch ovens. Mmm mm.

Mom's homemade ice cream to go with our homemade pies!

Mom and Dad G enjoying pie

9 loves his uncle Joel.

Tynelle doing 2 of her favorite things... eating dessert and checking out ads for shopping!

Here we are making turkeys.

Forget turkey! 9 made a jelly fish!! So much cooler!

Marc and Uncle Jeff

3 is learning how to play football.

Horse rides

Dominoes.. grueling! It was really fun though!

Later my dad challenged both 16 and Kirsten to an armwrestle.
Ya, both at once... he won, both times, hands down!

So much fun. The boys also went that morning to play paint ball. They had so much fun they planned to play Friday also!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rollerblades at 3!

I just couldn't resist posting this pic. 3's newest pastime is rollerblading. She can jump from the bottom stair of the back porch to the cement and land it. She is hilarious. She loves to stomp around in the kitchen with them too. She looks awesome in her helmet and blades!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Birth and Death all in one Day!

My very close friend (like a grandfather) died last week and his funeral was yesterday. I sang "Daddy's Hands" for him at his funeral. They had asked me the day before he passed (they new he didn't have long). It was a beautiful funeral and I wish I could say I made it through the song without tears but, my mom had to finish it out for me.

I loved that man... good man!

It was really cool because instead of a hers to take his coffin to the cemetary they had a horse-drawn carriage to take him. It was so amazing! And they had the police block off main street so that the funeral procession could pass through--awesome!

The horse-drawn carriage

The horse with no rider...

Me and Marc at the cemetary

Then we went on to celebrate 9's birthday. So, yes, 8 is now 9! I know, I can't believe it either! So are all of you keeping up with my kids? There is 3, 9, 12, and 16. I made pizza for 25 people. It was just a family get-together but, it was crazy fun! We just ate pizza, opened presents and ate treats. 9 didn't want cake, he wanted nutty bars and chocolate donuts... I will just post a slideshow and you can see the fun we had!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 Singing!

I guess it runs in the family...

Here is 3 playing with her friend. I just had to record it--I'll just show a tiny portion of it...

Dancing the night away

So my mom and aunt were talking to me a while ago about how they used to have dances in the living room when they were kids. I really want to do that--there is just something about dancing, and something even more about learning how with your family! And then another inspiration was the song from HSM3 called "Can I Have This Dance." 16 loves it and really wanted to learn the waltz... So here we are with my sister, Kirsten, teaching me, 16, BYU17 and 12 how to waltz and cha cha cha. (my sister is an incredible dancer, wow, she can really dance!) It was so much fun!! I mean really, a lot of fun and I want to start having Thursday nights as our dance nights here at the house. Come join us!

Here is a few clips of our night. (Aah man! I just realized my spelling error on the video--oh well--moving on. I guess I won't be able to enter it into the "actually good" contest on YouTube! --Orgills you are too funny!)

Tynelle's Birthday/Sister's Day

Sorry, Chelsea, we love you but we had to do it at noon. When you start getting off early we will have it when you can come--actually, sisters! Let start doing a Saturday thing--there is no reason we can't have the hubby's watch the kids while we have some real fun! OK, RSVP to me, we are going to go on a hike before it gets too cold and then go somewhere for icecream--sound good!? OK, I'll let you all know what day!

Anyways so back to the post.. Here are some pics from our day. We watched home movies, ate mom's home made chicken noodle soup and just had a great time. Oh, and thanks, Tynelle for the yummy rolls!

Jessie was fixing her hair for this one and I caught her--sorry it was just funny...

Thanks to my cousin for trying to take a pic but, my camera is a little tricky!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at Midnight

We went to the midnight showing of Twilight. It was good--not my favorite--but, good (I mean I have seen the new Bond three times already and I only need to see Twilight once). But, the company and the adventure was the great part!!! Watch!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

David Archuleta!!!!!!!!!

My mom is one lucky woman. What are the odds that my mom would meet David Archuleta in an elevator at the Carrie Underwood Concert!

This is how cute he is: my mom said that they joked with him and he would laugh and talk with them a bit. They asked to take a picture with him and he was totally cool with it and his bodyguard took the picture! He was looking for his family to meet up with them!!! He was just there to see the concert with his family. David Archuleta--you are a gem!!!! (That is my mom peaking over David's shoulder.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rachael's Ramblings

OK, so I have just a thought of things on my mind and because this is basically my journal I will just put my thoughts down.

So I just can't stop thinking how grateful I am for my family! I am so blessed and so lucky:

Marc: You are the best man I could ever have the priviledge to have met, fallen in love with and married for eternity. You are a true example of patience, faith, and love. You show true love to me and the kids. You are such an inspiration and even though I say it a lot... I truly love you with all my heart and soul. Thanks for choosing me.

Dad: You inspired me to learn and always do my best. We are so much alike it is funny... I can't rest till I have done what I want to have done, I LOVE to read (don't have much time to) and if anyone knows my dad they know I got the love of reading from him. I know my dad has a very tender spot for me in his heart--thanks dad for loving me enough to let me make my many mistakes so I could learn.

Mom: My talents came from you. And I know that it is because of you that I try so hard to use them for the benefit of others. You taught me to love people, I mean really love them enough to serve them. You are such a strong spirit--you are inspiring!

Jessie: My best friend, my confidant, my bright spot. You are such a good mother and wife. You are so compassionate and softspoken--the things I am not, and am so glad I have you to remind me of them.

Joel (my brother-in-law): Thank you for treating Jessie with such love and respect. You are such a hard worker and such a good example through your mission experiences and callings. You are such a cute father!

Daniel: The sweetheart with the eyes that tell it all. You are so kind and thoughtful. You always want to be involved with everyone and are concerned for our well-being. Your many interests show your thirst for knowledge and you are truly smart!!! Look at you go.

Tynelle (my sister-in-law): You make me feel like a good big sister when you ask for my advice--it means a lot to me. You are fun to be with and talk to--and you are always working and playing so hard to continue to learn more--you are good example to your children.

Aaron: Your talents astound me. I am amazed at your abilities to inspire people--you are such a deep thinker. You have so much to teach and yet, still work so hard to learn more. I love being able to have talks with you--you are so much fun to watch when you are inspired!

Chelsea (my new sister-in-law): You are such a sweet person, so much patience and soft-spokeness. You inspire kindness and happiness.

Kirsten: My other best friend and my companion in Fragile X Awareness! You amaze me with your tenacity, ability and leadership! I just sit back in Awe, and wait for the next big thing. Your testimony will and does inspire many.

Mom-in-law: Thank you for being patient with Marc for choosing me to marry. He saw something in me I guess not even I saw. Thanks for the long talks, the deep thoughts and all the things you taught me about cooking, cleaning and taking care of my family.

Dad-in-law: Thanks for inspiring us all to love dancing, games and just all-around fun! Thanks for your laughter and smiles--they are needed.

Aaron (Marc's brother): You are a great father. I am proud of your hard work. Thanks for being my friend even though I am a little "crazy." (smile)

Amy (Marc's sister): Thank you for your children. I love them... I truly do.

Amber: You are so good about staying in touch—cards, letters, gifts. You are so thoughtful and I have much to learn from you.

Bryan: I was able to be your mom--if even only for a moment--those were treasured times, hard but, treasured times that I will never have back.

My children: You all are so amazing! Thank you for all your love and patience for me, for your dedication and respect even when I may not deserve it. I love you!

To all my family, I love you.

I am so glad that I have cousins and aunts and uncles that are just so amazing. I was reminded of that when I went to my aunt's wedding. I sang, danced, laughed and just had great conversations with all of them. My family has been truly blessed. Now that I am getting older I am realizing how precious these family times really are.

I have had the opportunity lately to hang out with an acquaintance of mine from High School--I had set him up with friend of mine. Now I say "acquaintance" because I didn't think I was popular enough to be considered his friend--you know how high school goes... Anyway, he said something a bit ago during a conversation about us being friends for a long time--it kind of threw me off, "friends?" Had I been so worried all through high school about not fitting in that I hadn't even noticed those who considered me a "friend?" High School is a but a little nerving and then we grow up. I always wonder, as I watch 16 in her high school years, was I a good friend to many? did I make a difference for the better in anyones life? or was I too concerned with barriers of "popularity" and "too-cool-for-me" that I was scared to really get to know people? I am sure we all went through the same things. But, I am grateful for people like my "high school friend" that see the real picture and know that we were all friends regardless of "status." I am amazed at how much I am still learning even though I am 31.

I love life and all the curves it throws us. It would be boring with out the curves--who wants to go on the ride that just goes straight with no bumps, turns or twists? Give me the fun stuff! Bring it on, it makes for a more memorable ride!

I am amazed at what my little Fragile X kids are doing. 8 is in his dancing/singing class and he does so well. It amazes me. Even through his mental struggles, hyper-arousal issues and anxiety he is still able to learn songs and dancing and perform it. He makes me burst with pride how he overcomes his barriers. 3 is flooring me everyday with her abilities to communicate and her physical abilities to climb, run and pull herself up. See, I am thankful that I get to enjoy all the little things my two youngest can accomplish. When you have a child with a "disability" you treasure every word, every step forward, every educational task they can complete, every sweet experience they share in their own, unprompted words. You also are thankful for the days that go by without a hitch: no being made fun of at school, no fall-aparts in the middle of class or during lunch, no uncontrollable tantrums, no thrown food across the room because of not being able to understand their needs, no tears because of frustration with the inability to communicate their needs, no unconsolable melt-downs.

Sunday we all went to my mom and dad's to celebrate some birthdays. After dinner and everything my mom, dad, 8 and I snuck downstairs and put an old record on. Ya, I am talking the old big, black record!!! Cool huh! My dad put in the Monkees! My mom, 8 and I danced like it was 1999! Oh, man, my mom and I were laughing so hard as we were dancing as if we were the Monkee's back up singers--I mean I worked up a sweat! 8 was in heaven with the music cranked to the max (the ceiling was shaking) and mom and grandma dancing the night away. It was cute because my dad was trying to hide a smile as he was enjoying seeing us have so much fun!

Sorry, nothing really funny this time--just thoughts I wanted to put down.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Who ever came up with that idea? Life has been lemons around here and I made lemonade and look what I get! (smile)

OK, so after 8 spilled a half gallon of lemonade on the floor tonight I had realized I have not blogged about life here at home for a while.

Ya, I know, half a gallon of lemonade--sticky, liquidy all over the floor, chair, table and his backpack. Why did it get on his backpack? Because his backpack was on the table. Why was his backpack on the table at 8:30 pm even though his homework was all done and I had told him to put it away? I don't know. Maybe if I missed a spot the mice will get the rest of it.

Yes, we have mice or a mouse, not sure if they are multiplying or if it is just one really fast, very smart mouse. My aunt was at my house the other day when I kept seeing one. I laugh at myself because what do I do when I see a mouse? I jump up onto a chair and squeal. What good does that do me? I mean really... the mouse has already run past me, is it going to deliberately run back out across my feet after it has already found a safe place behind my refrigerator? Well, yes, possibly. That is why I walk across the kitchen floor to get a broom on my tippy toes, so that in case it comes back out, it at least won't nip at my heals. I get the broom and then realize, "wait" I have no protection in case the mouse does come out to get me, I must put on my tennis shoes. I mean, at least that way, if it runs across my feet as I am chasing it down I won't feel it on my toes. I wait by the fridge with my broom with my aunt laughing at me and no mouse. Coward!

And 2, oh wow. She is too funny. In family home evening a bit ago we taught her, again, who Jesus Christ is. Now that she is talking more she of course repeated the name. And being the sweet little Fragile X Girl that she is, begins to perseverate (constantly repeat and won't move on) about his name. She is obsessed with my Nursery Manual with the pictures of Christ and over and over again she will point to each picture, look up at me with big blue eyes, and say "Jeeesus Cwiste" and I have to say "yes" (or "no" depending on if it is just a painting of a guy in a beard) for at least 20 - 30 minutes at a time. Cute? yes. Precious? yes. Annoying? Sorry, hate to admit it, but when I am concentrating on dinner, homework, or design work, it can get a little tiring as she screams it at the top of her lungs because I haven't responded to every point.

Her new thing, the last month, is to ask where everyone is by name--family, friends, Jesus. Where's daddy? He's at work honey. (then she will ask this several more times) Where's 8? 12? 16? They are at school. Then her joke--because she is asking me, Where's mommy? I'm right here and she giggles. I love that she loves to be funny. She is a crack up. Lately, I don't know why, really, she has a shoe feddish--OK, not really, I just wanted to make it sound normal. She likes to put a diaper on each foot like shoes and then she walks around with them on. I have no idea how this concept was introduced to her.

8 is so into music, as always, but he has discovered a new way to listen to his music. He will play his CD in his player and then turn on his Kareoke machine and put the microphones up to the player's speakers and crank it up! I never thought I would yell at an 8-year-old to "turn it down!!"

12 and 16 are throwing me for a loop because they are growing up too fast--anyone take a class on teenage girls and almost teenage boys that I missed?? Thirty-one and overwhelmed with trying to grow up enough to take care of teenagers! Calgon, take me away!

Life is crazy, but, so am I so I guess we are a good fit!

Friday, November 7, 2008


OK, so, dating my husband is so much fun. And then when you get to double with great friends it just makes it better!!! We all stopped to take pictures during a our 4-wheeler ride. I set my two friends up to double with us. As you can tell in one of these pictures, we had some good laughs!!!! Thanks guys! I hope this fun continues!

The video is me with my friend (because Marc isn't as comfortable on a 4-wheeler as he is on a horse) riding into a big sink hole--I was a little scared--in case you can't tell from the scream!