Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Who ever came up with that idea? Life has been lemons around here and I made lemonade and look what I get! (smile)

OK, so after 8 spilled a half gallon of lemonade on the floor tonight I had realized I have not blogged about life here at home for a while.

Ya, I know, half a gallon of lemonade--sticky, liquidy all over the floor, chair, table and his backpack. Why did it get on his backpack? Because his backpack was on the table. Why was his backpack on the table at 8:30 pm even though his homework was all done and I had told him to put it away? I don't know. Maybe if I missed a spot the mice will get the rest of it.

Yes, we have mice or a mouse, not sure if they are multiplying or if it is just one really fast, very smart mouse. My aunt was at my house the other day when I kept seeing one. I laugh at myself because what do I do when I see a mouse? I jump up onto a chair and squeal. What good does that do me? I mean really... the mouse has already run past me, is it going to deliberately run back out across my feet after it has already found a safe place behind my refrigerator? Well, yes, possibly. That is why I walk across the kitchen floor to get a broom on my tippy toes, so that in case it comes back out, it at least won't nip at my heals. I get the broom and then realize, "wait" I have no protection in case the mouse does come out to get me, I must put on my tennis shoes. I mean, at least that way, if it runs across my feet as I am chasing it down I won't feel it on my toes. I wait by the fridge with my broom with my aunt laughing at me and no mouse. Coward!

And 2, oh wow. She is too funny. In family home evening a bit ago we taught her, again, who Jesus Christ is. Now that she is talking more she of course repeated the name. And being the sweet little Fragile X Girl that she is, begins to perseverate (constantly repeat and won't move on) about his name. She is obsessed with my Nursery Manual with the pictures of Christ and over and over again she will point to each picture, look up at me with big blue eyes, and say "Jeeesus Cwiste" and I have to say "yes" (or "no" depending on if it is just a painting of a guy in a beard) for at least 20 - 30 minutes at a time. Cute? yes. Precious? yes. Annoying? Sorry, hate to admit it, but when I am concentrating on dinner, homework, or design work, it can get a little tiring as she screams it at the top of her lungs because I haven't responded to every point.

Her new thing, the last month, is to ask where everyone is by name--family, friends, Jesus. Where's daddy? He's at work honey. (then she will ask this several more times) Where's 8? 12? 16? They are at school. Then her joke--because she is asking me, Where's mommy? I'm right here and she giggles. I love that she loves to be funny. She is a crack up. Lately, I don't know why, really, she has a shoe feddish--OK, not really, I just wanted to make it sound normal. She likes to put a diaper on each foot like shoes and then she walks around with them on. I have no idea how this concept was introduced to her.

8 is so into music, as always, but he has discovered a new way to listen to his music. He will play his CD in his player and then turn on his Kareoke machine and put the microphones up to the player's speakers and crank it up! I never thought I would yell at an 8-year-old to "turn it down!!"

12 and 16 are throwing me for a loop because they are growing up too fast--anyone take a class on teenage girls and almost teenage boys that I missed?? Thirty-one and overwhelmed with trying to grow up enough to take care of teenagers! Calgon, take me away!

Life is crazy, but, so am I so I guess we are a good fit!

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Ethington Family said...

you are one amazing person. Keep it up. I totally know what you mean with the cute things becoming annoying, because my own kids to that to me. It I don't respond or look at every new thing they say or did AND notice what is different they are up-set. It can get a little exhusting.

brookiebaby said...

You are a good fit...not because you are crazy at all, but because you are sooooo patient and understanding! I love the story about 2 (3?) and Jesus. It kinda makes you wonder if they can still remember anything from before at that age, or if their memory is becoming cloudy of the life before. Keep squeezing those lemons!!! :) Love ya!

Travis and Cami said...

oh i just LOVE your blogs. i can't help but loving reading these.. and when i do i sit staring at the computer with this huge smile on my face, and laughing hysterically. your life sounds awesome! i can't wait for our little one to start talking that sounds like a blast!

Rochelle said...

Why does that sound like my life???? Sometimes I wonder if life is so crazy at everyone else's house, or if it is just mine. I know I brought it upon myself having 3 kids in less than 4 years, but really is it supposed to be this crazy???? How did our moms do it, how did Grandma do it? I guess keeping an eternal perspective and laughing at ourselves makes it do-able.
Thanks for the post:)

PS I HATE mice and I really don't know why, pretty much nothing affects me like mice do...

The Shelleys said...

So cute! Jason is dying laughing because he can just picture the darling little one getting hung up on Jesus. I am the same way with mice. I usually lock the doors as if it just opens them up and walks in. Funny stories loved reading them. Amy

Muffin said...

Hey Rach,
Just thought I'd say hi. It was good seeing you at the reception. You and your mom and sister and brother all sound so great together. Would love to stay tuned. Have an awesome day!