Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rachael's Ramblings

OK, so I have just a thought of things on my mind and because this is basically my journal I will just put my thoughts down.

So I just can't stop thinking how grateful I am for my family! I am so blessed and so lucky:

Marc: You are the best man I could ever have the priviledge to have met, fallen in love with and married for eternity. You are a true example of patience, faith, and love. You show true love to me and the kids. You are such an inspiration and even though I say it a lot... I truly love you with all my heart and soul. Thanks for choosing me.

Dad: You inspired me to learn and always do my best. We are so much alike it is funny... I can't rest till I have done what I want to have done, I LOVE to read (don't have much time to) and if anyone knows my dad they know I got the love of reading from him. I know my dad has a very tender spot for me in his heart--thanks dad for loving me enough to let me make my many mistakes so I could learn.

Mom: My talents came from you. And I know that it is because of you that I try so hard to use them for the benefit of others. You taught me to love people, I mean really love them enough to serve them. You are such a strong spirit--you are inspiring!

Jessie: My best friend, my confidant, my bright spot. You are such a good mother and wife. You are so compassionate and softspoken--the things I am not, and am so glad I have you to remind me of them.

Joel (my brother-in-law): Thank you for treating Jessie with such love and respect. You are such a hard worker and such a good example through your mission experiences and callings. You are such a cute father!

Daniel: The sweetheart with the eyes that tell it all. You are so kind and thoughtful. You always want to be involved with everyone and are concerned for our well-being. Your many interests show your thirst for knowledge and you are truly smart!!! Look at you go.

Tynelle (my sister-in-law): You make me feel like a good big sister when you ask for my advice--it means a lot to me. You are fun to be with and talk to--and you are always working and playing so hard to continue to learn more--you are good example to your children.

Aaron: Your talents astound me. I am amazed at your abilities to inspire people--you are such a deep thinker. You have so much to teach and yet, still work so hard to learn more. I love being able to have talks with you--you are so much fun to watch when you are inspired!

Chelsea (my new sister-in-law): You are such a sweet person, so much patience and soft-spokeness. You inspire kindness and happiness.

Kirsten: My other best friend and my companion in Fragile X Awareness! You amaze me with your tenacity, ability and leadership! I just sit back in Awe, and wait for the next big thing. Your testimony will and does inspire many.

Mom-in-law: Thank you for being patient with Marc for choosing me to marry. He saw something in me I guess not even I saw. Thanks for the long talks, the deep thoughts and all the things you taught me about cooking, cleaning and taking care of my family.

Dad-in-law: Thanks for inspiring us all to love dancing, games and just all-around fun! Thanks for your laughter and smiles--they are needed.

Aaron (Marc's brother): You are a great father. I am proud of your hard work. Thanks for being my friend even though I am a little "crazy." (smile)

Amy (Marc's sister): Thank you for your children. I love them... I truly do.

Amber: You are so good about staying in touch—cards, letters, gifts. You are so thoughtful and I have much to learn from you.

Bryan: I was able to be your mom--if even only for a moment--those were treasured times, hard but, treasured times that I will never have back.

My children: You all are so amazing! Thank you for all your love and patience for me, for your dedication and respect even when I may not deserve it. I love you!

To all my family, I love you.

I am so glad that I have cousins and aunts and uncles that are just so amazing. I was reminded of that when I went to my aunt's wedding. I sang, danced, laughed and just had great conversations with all of them. My family has been truly blessed. Now that I am getting older I am realizing how precious these family times really are.

I have had the opportunity lately to hang out with an acquaintance of mine from High School--I had set him up with friend of mine. Now I say "acquaintance" because I didn't think I was popular enough to be considered his friend--you know how high school goes... Anyway, he said something a bit ago during a conversation about us being friends for a long time--it kind of threw me off, "friends?" Had I been so worried all through high school about not fitting in that I hadn't even noticed those who considered me a "friend?" High School is a blur..fun but a little nerving and then we grow up. I always wonder, as I watch 16 in her high school years, was I a good friend to many? did I make a difference for the better in anyones life? or was I too concerned with barriers of "popularity" and "too-cool-for-me" that I was scared to really get to know people? I am sure we all went through the same things. But, I am grateful for people like my "high school friend" that see the real picture and know that we were all friends regardless of "status." I am amazed at how much I am still learning even though I am 31.

I love life and all the curves it throws us. It would be boring with out the curves--who wants to go on the ride that just goes straight with no bumps, turns or twists? Give me the fun stuff! Bring it on, it makes for a more memorable ride!

I am amazed at what my little Fragile X kids are doing. 8 is in his dancing/singing class and he does so well. It amazes me. Even through his mental struggles, hyper-arousal issues and anxiety he is still able to learn songs and dancing and perform it. He makes me burst with pride how he overcomes his barriers. 3 is flooring me everyday with her abilities to communicate and her physical abilities to climb, run and pull herself up. See, I am thankful that I get to enjoy all the little things my two youngest can accomplish. When you have a child with a "disability" you treasure every word, every step forward, every educational task they can complete, every sweet experience they share in their own, unprompted words. You also are thankful for the days that go by without a hitch: no being made fun of at school, no fall-aparts in the middle of class or during lunch, no uncontrollable tantrums, no thrown food across the room because of not being able to understand their needs, no tears because of frustration with the inability to communicate their needs, no unconsolable melt-downs.

Sunday we all went to my mom and dad's to celebrate some birthdays. After dinner and everything my mom, dad, 8 and I snuck downstairs and put an old record on. Ya, I am talking the old big, black record!!! Cool huh! My dad put in the Monkees! My mom, 8 and I danced like it was 1999! Oh, man, my mom and I were laughing so hard as we were dancing as if we were the Monkee's back up singers--I mean I worked up a sweat! 8 was in heaven with the music cranked to the max (the ceiling was shaking) and mom and grandma dancing the night away. It was cute because my dad was trying to hide a smile as he was enjoying seeing us have so much fun!

Sorry, nothing really funny this time--just thoughts I wanted to put down.

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Rochelle said...

I love your family and I love YOU!!! I was always excited to see my favorite cousin as we grew up and I still am!!! I was always looking up to you caz you were so "cool", thanks for always being a good friend to me.

Travis and Cami said...

awe, you are so tender... i love it! wow! you can be so calm and deep at times it kinda throws me off! you are such a good example to me, i love that you are a mom you are still fun, and you have personality and style... i can't say you find that too often (trust me i worked at kiddie kandids) trav & i love your family! it was fun talking at the wedding.

Suzy said...

Do you know when Bryan's "Farwell" is? P.S. I went to the Monkees concert! Awesome!

Marc and Rachael said...

Bryan's farewell, I think is the week before Christmas, but, still not sure...

Annie Valerio said...

I love reading your blog. You are so nice to thank people for everything they have done for you. Your family is a good example to all. Yes let me know about Twlight. I wanted to go Sat but my other neice is getting married in the SLC temple so I am not sure when I will get to go. Hopefully soon!!

Ethington Family said...

Rachael, thanks for your blog! I enjoy reading it and it always brightens my day. The thoughts of family, the high school thing and the time spent with family. It all touched me. I too, hope I can show my love to my kids, family, and friends in everything I do. I hope I am not in "high school" mode where I worry too much what I might sound like and be too scared to reach out and get to know someone. (Truth is, I'm usually too forward now, and should tone it down some- be a little afraid so I don't make others scared with my over bearing personality:)
Love you Rach- Your are wonderful!!

Jackie said...

Hey Rachael,
You said such nice things about your family. Growing up just down the street from you it was always so easy to see that you had such a wonderful family!

Kirsten Amelia said...

Wow. That was awesome, and thanks so much. You are so sweet. I love hanging out with you-just like a best friend. Last night was the bomb!!:) Thanks for everything you do and for always thinking so much of me...even if I think differently.
Love you!