Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dancing the night away

So my mom and aunt were talking to me a while ago about how they used to have dances in the living room when they were kids. I really want to do that--there is just something about dancing, and something even more about learning how with your family! And then another inspiration was the song from HSM3 called "Can I Have This Dance." 16 loves it and really wanted to learn the waltz... So here we are with my sister, Kirsten, teaching me, 16, BYU17 and 12 how to waltz and cha cha cha. (my sister is an incredible dancer, wow, she can really dance!) It was so much fun!! I mean really, a lot of fun and I want to start having Thursday nights as our dance nights here at the house. Come join us!

Here is a few clips of our night. (Aah man! I just realized my spelling error on the video--oh well--moving on. I guess I won't be able to enter it into the "actually good" contest on YouTube! --Orgills you are too funny!)

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Kirsten Amelia said...

Ow! Ow! Dancing queen, young and sweet only 19! Yeah baby! Ha ha. That was a way fun night! I'm glad I got to teach you all! Just wait till next time. I've got lots more up my sleeve!