Friday, September 26, 2008

Absolutely MUST SEE!!!!!

OK, I have been blogging and emailing about it now for a few weeks and today I finally got to go see it with 16.

Forever Strong is seriously, hands down, one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time. This movie should be seen. It lifts your spirits, makes you think, makes you laugh, cry, clap and cheer out loud. When we went to the local theater there weren't very many people there--it should have been packed. It was well worth it and I really want to see it again. If you have a chance go see it--wherever you are, go see it!!!!!

Find a theater playing it near you. Click here.

Galvanic Spa Pic Update

I wanted to show you that this is actually working. Marc has the camera on the cattle drive so I had to use my computer Photo Booth--so it isn't the best but, I think you can still notice a difference even in the chin line. I did the treatment a couple of days ago and I just remembered to update. So here it is after 2 treatments--pretty amazing--at least to me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forever Strong Opens this weekend Nationwide

Just another plug for the movie (click on the title) "Forever Strong"

Go see it, I am sure it will be good. Check out the website for all the areas it is playing.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Canyon Horse Ride

Marc and his friend Kevin went on a ride up the canyon on the Summit Trail. They cow called in a bull elk but they weren't able to see it. Marc later found out than some other friends of his were in almost the same area and say several bull elk including a herd of cow elk with a bull, a nice big buck and a black bear. Go figure, huh. Guess you just need to be in the right place at the right time. But, Marc did get to see a black bear last year on the Summit Trail so I guess he'll just have to hold onto that memory for now.

Good luck to Kevin and Marc next time they go, which I am sure will be soon...

Kevin was breaking out his new colt, Champ. He is a 2 1/2 year old gelding. He was real good on the ride and he should turn out to be a good horse for him.

Here are some pics of their ride.

Marc on Blue. He really is proud of her, I don't blame him she is a beauty, and has a great disposition to go with it.

Kevin on Champ, he's looking like one too! :}

When Marc got home, 3 heard the trailer pull up and she jumped out of her seat to go see the horses and cry for a ride. Sure enough Dad had to give in and he put 8 on too. They really love those horses. They have been such a blessing in our lives. I really hope that even during tough times we will always find a way to keep them. I think our children would be devastated to lose them. Here are som cute pics Marc took of 3 and 8 on Blue before he unsaddled her. Happy as can be!

Little windy out there..I don't know what 8 is doing, but, I like the pic anyway.

I think 8 is trying to make sure 3 is looking and smiling at the camera.
He is a good big brother.

How cute!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Face Lift

OK, so yesterday my sister-in-law started selling what is called a Galvanic Spa from NuSkin. Within 24 hours she sold 4 which included me. It is trully amazing. Here is me after I did it on my own with my new Galvanic Spa!!!!! Notice, especially the double chin. I did the whole face for 10 minutes and the neck for 4 minutes. And mind you, be nice because in the results pic I have no make-up, please be nice to me.

I will keep posting as I do more treatments... won't this be fun??

Thanks Tynelle!


I just have to post these because
I am proud to be married to an

Alec Baldwin
look-alike and
his brother looks like
George Clooney.
Check them out.

His dad looks like Sean Connery but I need a pic of his dad so you can compare.
I guess celebrity just runs in the genes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just for Fun

We love the Jonas Brothers.

When Dad is gone me and the kids crank it to the max and sing our hearts out. Today we decided to dance too. Watch.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why am I still up?

Well, you know, sometimes you get the bug and you really want to be a good mom. So, you just go to town and before you realize it, it is late.

I am trying to get some music put together for 8 to have some downtime at school to see if that will help his hyperarousal and anxiety issues. And 3 just barely went down to sleep--no scratch that--she was asleep but then woke up to poop... yes, poop. If she hasn't pooped during the day she cannot sleep until she has pooped. So she was up watching the Wiggles while I was waiting for her to fill her diaper. In the meantime, I was here at my computer...


my granola is done and the timer is going off...

be back to finish the story in just a sec...

OK, sorry that took so long, I had to get the granola out to cool and then adjust the oven heat to 350 so that I can get the bread in.

OK, so as I was saying I was here at my computer in the dark while 3 is watching the movie because if she is not going to fill her diaper I am hoping she will fall asleep. Well, the movie is over and she walks over in her poopy diaper waddle and I say, "Yay, you've pooped, let's go change you so you can go back to sleep!" I am so excited until I get her upstairs into the light and realize that there is poop down her leg, which means there is poop down my side because I was holding her on my hip... then I noticed the mashed poop on bottom of her sock... ... .... ........

I leave the finishing up of the diaper to Marc as I search downstairs for the poop that she has left behind. I found it, yay.

So then she falls asleep watching Baby Einstein while I...

hold on the oven is ready for the bread...

be back...

OK, so she's asleep but I leave her there while I make the bread and the granola for the kids and hubby for tomorrow, all the while realizing I didn't have most of the ingredients upstairs but, downstairs in the storage room. And it's not like I remembered all the ingredients at one time, no, I had remember them one at a time, the brown sugar...

just sec one of the CD's is done downloading for 8...

OK, back, where was I, oh, brown sugar, oats, honey, oil. So that was funny in my own head as everyone is asleep and I am all over the place.

Then I get the granola in the oven and the bread is raising so I come down to take little sleeping 3 upstairs to her bed. She wakes up, but then when I lay her down she quickly goes back to, she is awake again this time standing in her doorway crying. So finally after I find the blanket that has the right feel to it, she goes to sleep--then a car drives by the open window and she stirs, I hold my breath, she goes back to sleep. I stay there in this weird cramped position until I hear her heavy breathing and...

just sec the CDs are done, ya, CDs--there were 44 favorite songs--and I probably didn't even get the right ones...

OK, so she was breathing well, so I could come back downstairs to finish what I need to for 8.

And to think this day all started at 5 am. Wew, hasn't slowed down yet! and it is 12:35 am! WEeeeeeeeeeEEEhhEeeeEHee! No, I am not crazy, I am just a mom--is that the same thing? Maybe for me!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Must See Movies

OK, I haven't seen either of these movies I am about to reccommend but I have a really good feeling they will be worth seeing.

Flyboys was filmed in Utah, St. George area and I know the guy who helped with it. It looks good!

Forever Strong is about a rugby coach from Highland HighSchool, Utah who is LDS and took the team to the nationals several times.

I know I will go see them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sexy Cowboy Husband

Kirsten and Marc went on a horse ride last weekend and my sister took some pics!!! Man, my hubby is a good lookin' cowboy!!!

Oh, and here is my cute sister too!! She's riding my horse (Puzzle) and Marc is riding his (Blue).

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I love this song!! Listen to it--my uncle sent this link to me. "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of Preschool

3's first day of Preschool!

She even gets to ride the bus. When a child with special needs turns 3 they leave the early intervention program and go on to the district preschool.

Here is some video and pics of 3 getting on her bus for the first time and some pictures her new teacher sent me from class!!! 3 is growing up so fast!

Just looking cute, waiting for her bus.

I antiqued this one a little bit--I just loved the colors.

They tell me she is a good eater! Yay!

I am very excited for 3, they say she is doing so well. I am so glad to hear that. I hope we have done all we can for her so that she can continue to succeed, Fragile X or not!!