Friday, September 26, 2008

Absolutely MUST SEE!!!!!

OK, I have been blogging and emailing about it now for a few weeks and today I finally got to go see it with 16.

Forever Strong is seriously, hands down, one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time. This movie should be seen. It lifts your spirits, makes you think, makes you laugh, cry, clap and cheer out loud. When we went to the local theater there weren't very many people there--it should have been packed. It was well worth it and I really want to see it again. If you have a chance go see it--wherever you are, go see it!!!!!

Find a theater playing it near you. Click here.

3 remarks:

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to watch it!!
mary e.

The Family of Lindsey said...

I tagged you. Check out my blog for more info :)

Cats said...

Hi Marc&Rachel, I am so enjoying your blog, all of it. I didn't even get to say goodbye when I had to leave Utah. Its hard adjusting to my Honey being gone..but I know where he is and he is not in pain.
Keep up the good blogging, makes me feel close to all of you.
Love, cousin Cathy