Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cattle Drive, Bull Story and a Horse Ride

OK, this should be one of the funner posts that I have put up lately so read on.

First I will start with the story that everyone around here has been talking about... it's on the video:

And here are some of the awesomely beautiful pics Marc got:

Blue lookin' good, getting ready to go.

Some of the cows they brought in.

Marc was enjoying the scenery.

Andy was lookin' good out on that horse cutting (separating) the cows, he has been painted by Jim Norton many times.

It was a beautiful starry night. They had hamburgers and dutch oven cookin' after the first drive that night out in the open. They really had a great time around the campfire, listening to the crackle of it, and the cows nearby.

The next morning, 12 got up to help cook breakfast for himself and Marc. Isn't he a cute cook?

12 rides like a real cowboy!

Beautiful desert ride.

Cows in a line being driven.

Blue had gotten a sore leg from the day before from running after the bulls. It was decided that 12 would stay back at camp while Marc went out for one of the last drives of the cattle. Marc took some video from the horse view of part of the cattle drive.

The following Monday Marc went on a lone horse ride--here are some pics. Lucky cowboy!

The fall colors are here. Luminous and vibrant.

OK, so why has Marc been having all the fun lately?? What about me? What about me, me, me? Don't worry it shall come and I shall post it...

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

Wow, that is so beautiful!!!

Lisa said...

Ok so I didn't quite understand. Did the bull poke him in the butt or what? He said he was sore! Sounds like he had an adventure alright.