Saturday, October 11, 2008

16 at BYU Homecoming

Well, I am 31 and not sure how the handle 16 going to a University's Homecoming with a genius who graduated high school early this year at age 17 and got into BYU on a music scholarship for playing the organ! Woo--you never know what life will bring do you. But, 16 is handling it well and so is her friend "BYU."

So here are a couple of pics from when they came to pick her up. She is just so pretty. They grow up too fast, don't they.

Oh, just so you know what a great bargain shopper 16 and I are: her red dress from the previous post was clearanced down to $11 at Dillards and this yellow one she wore for Homecoming was clearanced at $23!! Not bad, huh!

Here are both couples. The girl in the blue is "BYU's" sister.

5 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

very cute! she is a very pretty girl!

Suzy said...

Man, I guess I need to lose weight so I get clothes that cheap!

seesuerun said...

16 you look gorgeous! Great deals man! And I say hey if a genius asks your kid to a BYU dance heck yeah let them go.

The Coleman's said...

WOWZA great dress, I love the color!

Rochelle said...

How fun is that. I love (d) school dances. Great memories. I can't imagine having a kid go to one... I still have at least 12 years until that:)