Wednesday, October 8, 2008

... Look Who's 40!!!!!


about age 1

with mom and dad about age 4?

handsome teenager

with 16 when she was 1 or 2

Happy Birthday Marc!!

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Suzy said...

OK, the second picture with his Mom and Dad I can TOTALLY see him in his Dad and I can see your kids in him! Happy Birthday Marc! Only cool people have birthdays on October 8th!

Annie Valerio said...

What a great blog? Tell Marc Happy Birthday!! Turning 40 huh. He still looks young and hey like a movie star LOL I loved those pic's of him and Alec Baldwin so funny!!! I did look at your Galvanic pic's what a difference I should of took a pic of me before I started. I will see you later. Have a great day!!!

The Chizel Family said...

Happy birthday! see you tonight!

brookiebaby said...

Happy Birthday, Marc! You don't look a day over 29!! Seriously!!! :)

Kirsten Amelia said...

Happy happy birthday from all of us to you, we wish you a happy birthday so we can party too! Hey! Hahaha. I'm sad I can't make it to your party, but I'm sure it'll be a smash. Now it better be clean "adults!" Haha.

geneskid said...

Happy B-Day from your cousin who used to change your diapers.
Love ya, Cathy

Annie Valerio said...

Hey it's me again. Sorry we couldn't make it last night. It's been a busy week this week for us. It looks like you had quite a few people their how fun. Thanks for your comment. I hate our family pic but it's the only one we have right now LOL oh well. Ryder is getting so big I hate it. I hope Marc had a good birthday your only 40 once!!!!

Suzy said...

Thanks again for the party! So fun! Will you tell Wendi L.(I hope I spelled it right, you know your back neighbor) that I'm totally cool with her checking my blog and tell her they are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Marc! You guys sure know how to throw a party!!! That coffin bbq is hilarious and I love all the fun pictures. Seriously, I really want to come down and visit you guys and here it is getting cold aready ahhh!@#$ Next week is too busy but I'll plan on giving you a call the next if that's okay.

seesuerun said...

Wow what a fun tribute!