Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Party Time!!!

I love my mom's family Halloween Party. We always have it at my mom's house but, this year was a little too cold so we had it at the church. It wasn't the same--but, still fun. Here are some pics of some costumes that were just too fun!

3 dressed as Snow White and Marc! Ha! Man that is funny!

Here is 16 and 8 with cousin's. 16 is a punker and 8, well, he is wearing his cape. He said he is an evil vampire.

Here's Marc trying to entertain my cousin and her husband.

Oh, aren't they cute. We had it at the church so they didn't wear their masks but they are Spiderman, The Blue Power Ranger, and a Fairy.

Girl?? NO, it's my uncle, Slade.

Big eyed blue man group? (My brother Aaron and my cousin Travis)

My brother Aaron and his new wife, Chelsea.
(This is one of those pictures you look at and think,
"How did he get a girl like her?" Tee Hee Hee!!!)

Aleesa's family. What a mix!

My mom, is just plain hilarious!

Here we are on the famous wagon ride.
This time it was in the church parking lot.
It was fun! Thanks, Dad!

Boy, this was a lot of fun!!! Thanks everyone for dressing up so well!

6 remarks:

brookiebaby said...

So fun! What the heck was your mom supposed to be?????!??!!

Rochelle said...

The party was so much fun. I thought it was hilarious that Ellie was afraid of your mom. We love the annual Halloween party

Travis and Cami said...

it was such a blast, a little different then having it outside! but still way fun, and seeing everyone was great! i was a little worried that the wagon ride wasn't going to work due to weight.. haha! the whole bench was shifting under us the entire ride! not to mention it was NEVER ending in the freezing cold.... ;]

i'm so glad you found us!

Annie Valerio said...

Your family has so much don't they?? Looks like a fun little halloween party!!! I need to figure out what to do fun for Halloween this year!!!

The Coleman's said...

How fun! I love all the costumes!

Ethington Family said...

That looks like fun. We miss our family's party every year because of being so far away. I hear all about the hilarious customes though.