Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! and Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Man, I just love Halloween! Here are some pics of us dressed up.
Some great pics of my mom for her birthday.
We went to visit my grandma (my dad's mom) and we just had a great time!

This is 3 dressed up for her preschool class on Wednesday--she had a good "kitty" breakfast

Quote of the day:
OK, so we took 3 to a house to trick-or-treat that was dark with red and purple lights, creepy sounds and music and the guy handing out candy was in a really creepy monster mask. 3 kept looking at him, hesitantly, but studying him very carefully. He handed her candy she shyly took it. We left and when we were a safe distance away, 3 said, "Thank you, Satan. By Satan!" Ha! Ha! That was the quote of the night.

The experience of the night:
I was a pirate tonight for Halloween and I had borrowed a really cool costume from my mom. The pants must have been a one size fits all kind of thing and I had to keep making sure they were staying up. Well, we were at one house getting candy and 3 decided quickly rip across the street, of course I ran after her. It was only as I was half way across the street that I realized my pants had fallen almost to my knees!!!! Ya, and there were a lot of people out there--Jane if you saw this and didn't tell me--you are in so much trouble. Anyway, it is a little tough to pull up your pants while still running after a wirey 3-year-old. Ya, memorable huh! (smile)

5 remarks:

Anonymous said...

You're so good at keeping up with posting...good stuff! HOpe you had a fun halloween and sorry to hear about your horse. The only animals I'd say that I really love are horses so it's easy for me to imagine how you can get attached to an animal if it's a horse and I'm sure it was hard to lose him. We'll come up soon and see you!

Annie Valerio said...

Your so fun to dress up for Halloween!!! It was fun I am glad you guys got to see Ryder he is getting at that fun age. The fence looks good now if we can just get the rest finished it will look good on both of our sides. I am so glad you guys are our neighbors I enjoy you guys a lot!!!

Lisa said...

LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY! Thanks I needed that one about Satan. Sooooooooooo good. I got your comment and I miss you too. Dang it, Life shouldn't be so busy that you can't hang out with your favs. Missed you in RS group when we went to the Barn. See you soon, I hope.

The Family of Lindsey said...

I would have done ANYTHING to be a part of this experience... well maybe not anything... but that is soooo funny!

Good thing you are wonderful and can laugh it off (even publish it) instead of lock yourself in your house until next Halloween!

Wilson Family said...

It looks like you had a fun halloween. Your costumes are cute. You are such a good mom to dress up too. I usually do but didn't this year. I love halloween. I love the picture of you and mary!