Sunday, October 5, 2008

New to visiting my blog??

Well, if you are, here are a few of the oldie-but-goodie faves of my readers and myself.


It's Only 2 in the afternoon. --this one is just hilarious

Talent caught on video --8 in all his singing glory

Funny faces --Just too funny and weird all at the same time

Don't Change his Mind
--friends are the sweetest

Anniversary #12 --just some reminiscing

Sleigh Ride?? --this one is funny

And here are some old pics I have never posted, just because I thought it would be fun. Here we go on a blast from the past...

This is at our friends place in fall of '07.
It is a hot spring fed pool and the kids love it!!
Good memories there.

12 and 3 on one of our camping trips summer of '07.

8 at the same camping trip at the lake.
I just love this pic.
12 and 16 are in the water behind him.

One of our performances at a local city festival.
Man, I love performing.
This is my mom (Judy), my sister, my aunt
and our bass player and drummer.

Christmas '07
It is tradition to get a pic on Christmas Eve
in front of my mom's Christmas tree.

Grandma and the 2 of her 4 granddaughters.

I love my camera!
This is 3 playing in the water on the trampoline.

Yes, I know, we are weird, but boy was this night full of fun memories. This is when the last Harry Potter book came out. My parent's friends own a book/antique store and they were having a big release costume party for the new book. Anyway. 12 is Harry Potter, 16 is Hermoine Granger and I am Rita Skeeter. Man, was that an interesting night!

Here is 8 and dad on the horses in the nearby orchards during the summer of '07.
This is one of the first times that 8 was able to ride the horse outside the corral.

Well, I hope that brought all you newcomers up to speed and gave all you oldcomers a good reminder laugh or to get to know us better.

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The Coleman's said...

Oh my word! I love the HP picture. You did a great job with the costumes! I am really glad everyone is starting blogs/has blogs, it's nice to be able to catch up with everyone.