Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tagged for Quirks

6 of my Quirks:

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1- I hate feet. I hate when other people touch my feet and I will not touch other people's feet. I do, however LOVE baby feet--I guess in my mind, they haven't had a chance to get nasty yet.

2- I forget things constantly. It is weird, I will set something somewhere and in my mind I say "don't set it there, you will forget where you put it" I ignore that thought and put it there--low and behold I forget where I put it. I often have to retrace my footsteps to remember what I came into the room to get or do.

3- I really get bugged when I know someone thinks bad of me. I just hate it--I really want to be liked. Am I still in high school?? I know, it seems that way, but I just don't like the thought of being hated--it actually worries me.

4- When I am sitting, whether bored or busy, I shake my right knee up and down. I have always done it, really, you will notice it next time you see me.

5- I do not let people see me without make-up if I can at all help it.

6- I laugh, sing and talk LOUD--like any of you didn't already know that.

I tag: Tynelle, Rochelle, Jessie, Susan, Suzy and Mary

4 remarks:

seesuerun said...

Hey! I swear I am not usually this busy. Jareds just got two months left of school and he has been busy with his new job. When he is busy, I guess I am too. It would be good to get together! How are you guys?

Lisa said...

Rachel, you are so quirky! I can really relate to #2 and #3 and as for number 6... that is one of your best qualities in my book! Maybe you have some Italian blood? Live life with zesto (I think I just made up a word!).

brookiebaby said...

I can relate to #1 a little. I worked for a podiatrist for a year and a half and saw the nastiest feet you can EVER imagine!! That made me disgusted with feet all together! :) And I forget things all of the only saving grace is my twelve hundred "to do" lists! :)

Anonymous said...

i'll work on this and post it- i'm not sure how to narrow mine down. love you!