Monday, June 30, 2008

Camping, Hiking, and Fun

Boy, we had so much fun on our campout last week. We went 3 days and 2 nights at the Skyline--we love that place! It was even more fun because my brother and sister-in-law came too. Boy, can my brother cook over a camp fire--woo! So here are the pictures of our hike, foOd, swings, fun and just camping! Enjoy!

Here is Halley and 2 in the hammock.
Here is our campsite.
Daniel was always making sure the fire was going
and chopping wood

and cooking food
Tynelle and Halley are ready to go on the hike
2 couldn't wait

On our way on the "little" hike that Marc led us on
2 and 8 were so excited that they didn't want to wait for anyone
12 and 16 ....
We come to the streams and everyone explores

Thanks to Tynelle, we all know that I was actually on this campout!

8 taking a breakReflections in the pond

Back at camp, relaxing

and swinging

and carving
Marc took this great sunset picture on our last night. I think it just sums up how beautiful this place is and why we go there so often. It is our favorite spot.

"X FActor" in TIME

I am so excited to post this link for the article on Fragile X Syndrome in Time Magazine. Great article.

Click here to read The Fragile X Factor, TIME Magazine

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tagged for 6 UNimportant things about myself...

My friend Mary tagged me!

Drum roll please...

1) I cry... a lot

2) I love basketball with a passion. Would still be playing it if my knee were better--but will be soon! Oh I can't wait!

3) I get frustrated when I spend too much time reading blogs and typing my own--but, yet am happy I do--weird, I know.

4) I love to edit my kids essays for school, I love grammar and fixing sentence structure and spelling. (OK, now don't go back and look too closely at my blog, because I just type fast for this most of the time all because of unimportant fact #3)

5) I can type e-mails on my computer while riding my stationary bike--and I do it quite often.

6) I love camping! (I will be posting about that soon here.)

I tag: Brooke, Tynelle, and Suzy!! Have fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

July 22nd, get the word out. Knowledge is power.

Here is a link to a PDF file of the Fragile X Association Newsletter. Read it and learn about Fragile X--it has so much helpful information.

The definition of what Fragile X is is also in this newsletter and I really thought this explanation was better than what I could say so I am going to post it here:

What Is Fragile X? The term “Fragile X” represents a group of hereditary/genetic conditions that have a variety of impacts on affected individuals and their families. The conditions include: Fragile X syndrome (FXS)—Caused by the full mutationof the Fragile X gene, FXS is the most common cause of genetically-inherited mental impairment. Its effects range from subtle learning disabilities to severe mental retardation and autism, though affected individuals can also demonstrate normal IQ. Symptoms often include unique physical characteristics, behavioral deļ¬cits and delays in speech and language development.

Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS)—A condition affecting some male (and in rare cases, female) carriers of the premutation over age 50, causing balance, tremor and memory problems.

Fragile X-associated premature ovarian failure (POF). A condition causing menopause-like symptoms in some female carriers of the premutation.

Fragile X can be passed on in a family by individuals with no apparent sign of the condition. It occurs in some families over decades, affecting multiple generations, while in others, it may cause problems in only one person. Since 1984, The National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) has been helping individuals with Fragile X, their families, and the professionals who work with them. As research into Fragile X continues, our understanding of who it affects and how it affects them will grow.

The NFXF is committed
to supporting all efforts that will keep the Fragile X community well-informed about research, education, and treatment for these conditions.

PO Box 190488
San Francisco, California 94119-0488
Phone: (925) 938-9300
Toll free: (800) 688-8765
Fax: (925) 938-9315


more fun

OK, the previous post was a little heavy, so, if any of you need a lift, here are some funny pictures I took with my fam a bit ago. Enjoy and giggle.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Am I still afloat??

Man, I just have to say that life can really be tough sometimes. You think you have it all under control and then I am not sure if you just get tired of being strong or you just wake up and realize where you are. Know what I mean??

I do have fun with my kids, I laugh at all that happens--but sometimes I just fall apart. You all know those days, the I-just-can't-be-strong-today days. With 2's speech therapy and occupational therapy twice a month and play group twice a week--it gets overwhelming. All the things I am supposed to be doing for her on top of that and I just don't seem to find the time I need to do that because I also have 8 to worry about keeping on top of his goals for school. With 8 it is not a matter of just telling him to do his homework and then he sits down to do it--it is grueling work on both parts for me and him just to get through reading one page with 10 words on it, and then to even think of finishing the other 8 pages seems such a daunting task. He tries so hard. It is amazing to watch him--it does not come easy for him--math, reading, writing. It is so much work. 2 tries so hard when she works with her Speech and OT that she becomes physically tired after the 60 minute session.

It is amazing to me to think that the things most of us do so easily, almost without any thought, can be such a struggle and then, finally, an incredible success for these two kids.

Did Heavenly Father know what he was doing when he sent these two wonderful children to me? I always hear, "Oh, you must be a great mother to be able to raise these two special children." Well, I don't know about that, but what I do know is that they are raising me higher, by teaching me about what is important.

So, I tell myself that... "Heavenly Father sent them to me, he won't give us any trials we cannot handle." So, I guess what these bad days come down to is... do I really believe that He will help me? Do I really believe?

On days like this I question, and then I ponder and remember that yes, I do. But, faith must be tried for it to grow. So, in short, I guess today was not such a "bad" day after all. It was a faith growing day.

Even in stormy waters we must have faith.

Painting Posted Above
"Our Refuge and Strength" by Morgan Weistling

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This one I got the idea from my cousin. I would have never guess that I was this princess--wow--interesting when you get to know yourself through a Disney character. This is fun, you should all try it!

You Are Esmerelda!
Image hosted by

Mysterious and passionate. You are a survivor. Even though life has swung you some difficult situations you have a strong intuition that gets you through. Also, you have the capacity to sympathize and relate to a variety of different people.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 got into the desitin---smile!

We had a back yard pizza party for some friends and family just because. My dad was giving 6 kids a ride in a 3-kid-wagon.

We made homemade pizza and breadsticks for 22 people!

Here is a picture of almost everyone at the party.

You can see our new "barn" in the background. 8 thinks it is so cool that we have a red "barn."

I love Spring Flowers!