Monday, June 23, 2008

Tagged for 6 UNimportant things about myself...

My friend Mary tagged me!

Drum roll please...

1) I cry... a lot

2) I love basketball with a passion. Would still be playing it if my knee were better--but will be soon! Oh I can't wait!

3) I get frustrated when I spend too much time reading blogs and typing my own--but, yet am happy I do--weird, I know.

4) I love to edit my kids essays for school, I love grammar and fixing sentence structure and spelling. (OK, now don't go back and look too closely at my blog, because I just type fast for this most of the time all because of unimportant fact #3)

5) I can type e-mails on my computer while riding my stationary bike--and I do it quite often.

6) I love camping! (I will be posting about that soon here.)

I tag: Brooke, Tynelle, and Suzy!! Have fun!

3 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

That was fun to do. That is funny about number three, because I often feel that way. Sometimes i don't but a lot of times i feel like i am wasting time and should be doing something productive. However keeping in touch is important to me. It was fun to read your answers so I'm glad you did it. Have a great day!!!

amyandrandy said...

How is your knee doing by the way?

I too love blogging and I get excited when I find somebody new, but it's a fun way to keep in touch. I think of it this way, I have learned more about you and others through blogging than I would at an hour at a CMAS party and that is if I get a chance to go soooo....this is NOT wasting time.(I think I am trying to convince myself of this b/c I have been blogging for about an hour now!)=)

brookiebaby said...

I agree, blogging can be a great way to keep in touch with people! I think it's been wonderful for us cousins! I really have learned a lot about everyone and their cute kids! :) Thanks for the tag! I just finished mine. Unfortunately, mine is a little longer, because I tend to talk about myself a lot!!! :) And thanks for your comment on my other post. I know that you have gone through so much more than I have in the getting-kids-here boat! :) Thanks for your understanding, and thoughtfullness! :)