Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 got into the desitin---smile!

We had a back yard pizza party for some friends and family just because. My dad was giving 6 kids a ride in a 3-kid-wagon.

We made homemade pizza and breadsticks for 22 people!

Here is a picture of almost everyone at the party.

You can see our new "barn" in the background. 8 thinks it is so cool that we have a red "barn."

5 remarks:

brookiebaby said...

Such cute pictures! I love the one of 2 on her horse! I think it's so great that she has no fears, and can ride a horse! Many grown ups can't do that! I told my mom about the conference that you're going to...she wanted to know more about it... Do you know if it's too late to sign up? She's always looking for things like that to learn more about FXS!
Take Care!

Suzy said...

How do you keep your house so clean with 2? My 2 doesn't get into as much, but I can't keep up with him! You're awesome!

joelbilly said...

I want copies!!! Jess

W said...

I was hoping to see the close up of #1W. E-mail me some of, or all, the pics. Had a ball, thanks.

amyandrandy said...

love the desitin pic. i hate getting that stuff off of my fingers let along my face! she is funny one...gotta love it.