Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Being Kids

Marc was off work today and was doing some yard work. 3 really wanted to help out!

His dad stopped by while we were outside.
He always likes to say "hi" to our friendly horses.

I babysat my sister's three kids today while the went to see "Forever Strong." They are so cute. Her little girl and 3 were having peaches out on the porch in the sunshine and 3 was giving her pushes on the swing.

12 wasn't enjoying doing his homework but, 8 was so proud of his 2x tables. He really does so well on them. And he also did his math homework today almost all by himself.

Here are her two boys enjoying a snack... like the big bowl? It adds to the effect.

5 remarks:

brookiebaby said...

very cute pics! I love the ones of 3 with her little cousin! I love that they are so close! :)

amyandrandy said...

Okay..warning! This is going to be a long comment b/c I have a lot say. First the knee. I have been gong to Physical Therapist for about 2 months trying to avoid surgery. She has come to the conclusion that what is going on with my knee is genetic. My mom had knee surgery when she was 18 as well. She also said my hips are really weak (thanks to my dads side of the family). So they were doing a knee scope to clean up the cartlidge and smooth it out. they found frayed ligaments and ended up loosening and tightening to keep my knee cap gliding in one place...lucky me. So i am in a brace for 10days and then I can hopefully start walking after that.

Next, I swear I saw 16 at Los Hermonos in Provo that night they went formal, but no formal dance. I thought I recognized her that night. Then I just saw the pic and remember for sure the girl in the blue dress and it just came to me. Crazy uh? What a cute couple they are.

Ethington Family said...

I love days like that. When you get to enjoy your family and spend time with them. I miss babysitting my sister's kids.

Annie Valerio said...

Such a cute little family.

Derek and Melissa said...

You have a cute family! 3 is such a darling girl! I loved all of your costumes on Saturday!