Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleigh ride??

Ok, so I am already missing the snow. Don't get me wrong--I am thrilled for Spring to come. It's just times, like in this clip, that I remember how fun winter can be. BTW, this is me with a camera on a sled being pulled by our horse in a field by our house with Marc riding. Enjoy!
Oh, and laugh please, that's why I am posting it!

3 remarks:

brookiebaby said...

Hi Rach,
I so admire the efforts you made to inform others about FXS. I think that is why Heavenly Father chose you to raise your beautiful kids, because he knew that you would be a great ambassador for the cause!!!! Tell your family Hi, and please keep me posted on the walk in Vernal! I would LOVE to go!

The Chizel Family said...

no way, that looks like soooo much fun! I would love the snow if I could enjoy it like that too. Next year I want to come!!

Lisa said...

now I know why you married a cowboy!!! (Hi Marc) Thanks for the laugh... I needed that!