Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Blessings and Big Rewards

OK, so today was a little crazy to start off. I was so tired this morning so I wasn’t on top of things the way I should have been so my 12 year old was a little late when my mother-in-law came to get him. Is this unusual? No. Not particularly. I just felt bad today because it is her first day substitute teaching and I was worried that him being late may make her late. Hopefully all went well. After that, my 8 year old and I rushed around getting him ready for his bus. He is in a Special Ed class at his school so we have the priviledge of him getting picked up by the bus right in front of our house. He loves it, but sometimes he is hard to get moving in the morning.

Flashback: When my 8 year old turned 3, he qualified for the early intervention preschool--this was long before he got his diagnosis of Fragile X. Let me tell you, you think it’s hard to send a kid off to Kindergarten when they are 5, try sending them on a bus when they are 3!! That was hard.

Anyway, so then my youngest and I headed to Work/Playgroup at Kids Who Count. Yes, it is work for me now--my new job--I get paid to play for 4 hours with other kids like mine who struggle with things. My little one loves every minute of it--until I am out of sight. She is still getting used to that. It is great for her because she gets so much extra help.

My shpeel (spill/advice) if you notice any delays in your children don’t hesitate to have them get help. My 8 year-old has been getting early intervention since he was 13 months old. He is considered very high functioning with his Fragile X. I attribute that to all the help he received early on. If you notice things not quite on target in your child it won’t hurt to check things out. And I see it in my youngest one--with all her progress.

OK, so back to Kids Who Count. So I have no education other than my high school diploma. I have just been really blessed I guess. I am a graphic designer because I was trained at a job I had, and now I am working at Kids Who Count as an aide in playgroup because of my experience being there the last while and with my own kids and working with them. Go figure, huh. You never know that path that is being carved out for you till you finally get to that point.

Marc was up with me last night. Checking out our blog site. He thinks it’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll get him to post something on here one day.

Talk later!

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The Chizel Family said...

Hooray! I am soo glad you set up a blog! YOu are right, I am proud of you. now, to work on jessie