Thursday, February 21, 2008

Again! What is with the tag thing!

OK, so now it is my 8 and 2 year-olds turns. Love you Crombie! (smile)

2 likes: snow, horses, singing, Western Horseman magazines, cottage cheese, spaghetti, soda, grandmas, family, playing, water, Signing Time and any movies with horses in it
2 dislikes: sleep, big dogs, strangers, and large crowds

8 likes: Phantom of the Opera (movie and sound track), anything to do with horses, Thomas the train, Harry Potter, Grandma Judy's songs and guitar playing, school, bus ride to school, his 3 best girlfriends in the neighborhood, water, being read to, singing, dancing, steak, spaghetti, soda, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and tacquitos
8 dislikes: homework, milk, dentists, scary music, mean people, little dogs, saying prayers out loud in public, and talking in front of too many people

We tag: Porter and Hallie, and Breanne

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