Thursday, September 18, 2008

Face Lift

OK, so yesterday my sister-in-law started selling what is called a Galvanic Spa from NuSkin. Within 24 hours she sold 4 which included me. It is trully amazing. Here is me after I did it on my own with my new Galvanic Spa!!!!! Notice, especially the double chin. I did the whole face for 10 minutes and the neck for 4 minutes. And mind you, be nice because in the results pic I have no make-up, please be nice to me.

I will keep posting as I do more treatments... won't this be fun??

Thanks Tynelle!

4 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

oh my word!! I can't believe your results! your cheeck look so lifted! thats awesome

W said...

Unfair! Next time I want the before and after pics to be without make-up. You look good no matter what. I think I might have my mom talked into buying one. Yahhh for me if she does. Share and share a like, right?

Ethington Family said...

you look really good without make-up Rach. that was always in your own head that you thought you didn't. How fun to try new products. I love doing that kind of stuff. and as you probably know, I love Nuskin!! I used to work there and they are the best company. They treat their employees so good. I still keep in touch with employees from there. Maybe I'll have to buy me some of that stuff.

Rochelle said...

My mom was telling me about that. I could use one for sure!!! I'll have to check it out!