Saturday, September 20, 2008

Canyon Horse Ride

Marc and his friend Kevin went on a ride up the canyon on the Summit Trail. They cow called in a bull elk but they weren't able to see it. Marc later found out than some other friends of his were in almost the same area and say several bull elk including a herd of cow elk with a bull, a nice big buck and a black bear. Go figure, huh. Guess you just need to be in the right place at the right time. But, Marc did get to see a black bear last year on the Summit Trail so I guess he'll just have to hold onto that memory for now.

Good luck to Kevin and Marc next time they go, which I am sure will be soon...

Kevin was breaking out his new colt, Champ. He is a 2 1/2 year old gelding. He was real good on the ride and he should turn out to be a good horse for him.

Here are some pics of their ride.

Marc on Blue. He really is proud of her, I don't blame him she is a beauty, and has a great disposition to go with it.

Kevin on Champ, he's looking like one too! :}

When Marc got home, 3 heard the trailer pull up and she jumped out of her seat to go see the horses and cry for a ride. Sure enough Dad had to give in and he put 8 on too. They really love those horses. They have been such a blessing in our lives. I really hope that even during tough times we will always find a way to keep them. I think our children would be devastated to lose them. Here are som cute pics Marc took of 3 and 8 on Blue before he unsaddled her. Happy as can be!

Little windy out there..I don't know what 8 is doing, but, I like the pic anyway.

I think 8 is trying to make sure 3 is looking and smiling at the camera.
He is a good big brother.

How cute!

3 remarks:

W said...

You could give her a 20 min. ride or a 5 hr. ride and she would still scream when you make her get off. She really loves it and you can tell. 8's no slouch either.

Ethington Family said...

How fun! I think that is great you use your horses so much. I would love to feel more comfortable to work with our horse and just go for rides, but she really isn't tame enough. It doesn't help that I never grew up use to them all that much and don't trust myself how to handle her either. Brett works so much, he rarely has time to ride her either. I think he likes knowing we have her and the thought of working with her excites hime. When he will actually have time to do something about it is another story. Good for you guys to use your horses. I do think our horse is beautiful too. Plus she huge, so makes me a bit nervous to stand behind her. love ya

julianne orth said...

I'm jealous! my little girl loves horses. looks like fun!