Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving at my house!

Oh, how I loved Thanksgiving. We hosted it at my house again. Marc's parents came, my parents, Kirsten, Jessie and her fam, Daniel and his fam and my uncle Jeff and my grandma R. I loved making the food for it and getting the tables ready. 16 was a huge help with the potatoes, gravies and the tables. She made the name tags. I was so glad to have (almost) everyone there. I was especially grateful to have my uncle and grandma there.

We have a tradition of making apple turkeys with all the kids when we get together with my side of the family. It is so cute to see all the kids working so hard to make their turkeys.
We also let the kids ride our horse, we played football and dominoes and watched movies.

Check out the pics.

We set up 3 tables—one in the kitchen, and two in the front room. We fed 22 people.

Here was where we put all the food. There really was no room but we made it work. I cooked each a ham and a turkey in my dutch ovens. Mmm mm.

Mom's homemade ice cream to go with our homemade pies!

Mom and Dad G enjoying pie

9 loves his uncle Joel.

Tynelle doing 2 of her favorite things... eating dessert and checking out ads for shopping!

Here we are making turkeys.

Forget turkey! 9 made a jelly fish!! So much cooler!

Marc and Uncle Jeff

3 is learning how to play football.

Horse rides

Dominoes.. grueling! It was really fun though!

Later my dad challenged both 16 and Kirsten to an armwrestle.
Ya, both at once... he won, both times, hands down!

So much fun. The boys also went that morning to play paint ball. They had so much fun they planned to play Friday also!

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Rochelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! What a great family you have. Looks like fun:)

Lisa said...

Now that's a plethora of pictures. I love thanksgiving too!