Tuesday, May 18, 2010



So now that I am nursing I have the blessing of being.. well... ummm... veluptuous... TEe hee!

Anyway, I was trimming Brother's toenails and I was bending over forgetting that my neckline was a little low.

Brother exclaims, "Ah, you have a line mom."


"You have a line. My teacher has a line too."

"Oh ya." I am trying not to completely laugh my head off at this point, "Ya, girls have lines."

"Ya, only girls have lines."

Tee hee!


So I have found out the hard way that if you are in the grocery store parking lot and there is an over weight man loading groceries into his car and you think you see a line...

Don't take a double check. Chances are, it is a line you did not want to see twice.

Crack kills... my eyes and my belief in good jeans for oversize men.


She keeps asking to watch "Shampoo"

That is "Winnie the Pooh" for all you who don't read between the lines...


I tried my hand at painting fancy toenails. I will keep practicing.
I painted 18's too, but didn't get a picture... it's OK, I really do still need practice.


Baby has been sleeping through the night for a month now!


I have earned every one of them. Here are a few pictures to show you why...
This is a picture Tynelle took of Brother in Florida at one of the beaches. She told him to go by the turtle so she could take a picture...

Here is Sister with one of her "looks"--I'll post the pictures of her hairdo later.

Nuff said.

4 remarks:

Joel and Jessie said...

I love babies messy face!!!!!!!!

Kirsten Amelia said...

I love this post:)

Anonymous said...

Love your post! You're too cute - and great at painting toes!!!

Ethington Family said...

I love the way kids pharse things! Babe is getting so big and darling! Your kids sure are cute!
Love ya,