Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Easter Party in May!!

Ya, I know, what is with me and late Easter Posts?! But, hey, this wasn't my fault—it was planned for May... whatever.. it was fun anyway! I thought the best way to tell this story was to explain the pictures... trust me, some of them are pretty funny...

 This teenager was so annoying... oh... wait... that's my husband!

Check out my cousin in the green striped shirt, bottom left:
did he just puke in that cup? He looks like he doesn't feel so good... Tee hee! Just kidding buddy...

Brother and Sister were having fun with my cousin playing in the sand pile.
This is what they ended up with:
Sticks in the sand.
 Oh, and a beautiful blue outhouse in the background.
I love it when I get good pictures.
(If you guys don't get my sarcasm in these statements you will not have fun with this post... sorry)

Ppfth! I can't tell what my uncle, Slade, is sneering at but, it sure looks funny. Maybe he didn't like the wrinkly hot dogs my uncle, Brad, was cooking.
(Did you know that hotdogs could even get wrinkly? Well, they can!)

Chef at work! Tyler looks really excited about that beef!

REALLY happy to be here!

Just kickin' it

I had the opportunity to come over to the cool side and hang out with the Orgills! (smile)
Davey even posed to remind how cool he really is!

Then the pull-up competition ensued...
Uncle Ben gave Marc a leg up... I mean it was a ways up there... no shame...
Marc did the best... well, at least I think he looked the best on the pull-up bar. I'm a little biased.

Tyler getting a leg up

Uncle Todd

Jeremy (ya, ya, Kirsten you can say all you want, I give you permission)

I think April just has a knack for knowing when to smile for a picture...

swinging on the flag pole was a great pass time

Brother is very excited to run to go find his candy sack

My mom may have been more excited than Sister...

Sister looks like she's saying, "Help me." Tee hee!

Yay, the coveted chocolate bunny

Brother finds his sack

Sister would like to thank Uncle Slade for this ridiculously huge sucker...
it doesn't fit in her mouth, but, she still tried
This picture right here is the prize winner of this post!
SWEET!!!! (pun intended)

5 remarks:

Rochelle said...

so much fun! I loved it in May, because it is no fun when it is cold, too bad I was the first one there (I can't believe that no Buhlers were there on time:) That's funny that my fam was all by themselves, what's up with that??? Cute pictures!!

Kirsten Amelia said...

Well if you INSIST...Jeremy DID beat everyone...;)

Amanda said...

Fun pictures! ya.. we are pretty cool:)

Davey said...

sweet. I'm glad my "cool" pose made it.
Lots of good pix.
nice seeing you guys there.

Rosanne Orgill said...

love it! thanks for posting such great pics, I still need to post mine:)