Saturday, May 8, 2010

On target!

I am proud and excited to say that for the first time in one of my children's infant lives, Baby is right on target with her development!!! Yay!!!

6 months and 1 week
13 ounds 12 ounces
25.1 inches long

Rolls to her side each way
Grabs her feet
Brings both hands together to grab object
Rolls from stomach to back
Emerging sitting (can kind of "tripod" sit for a second before tipping over)
Spits (raspberries)
Makes "m" and "g" sounds
Interactive speech (when she makes sounds, I make sounds back and then she returns the favor)
Mouths toys
Learning to eat rice cereal
Learning to eat strained peas

Here she is getting her first taste of rice cereal. (I waited till she was 6 months to start any solids because Sister had such a hard time. So I just thought I would wait till she was good and ready.)
She looks a little worried, wondering, "What are they gonna do to me?"

Above, she is looking at the box of cereal with interest so I am thinking, "Hey she is ready, this should go well..."

Mmmm... nope, she doesn't like it.

"Ah, they stopped. Can you get this off my face?"

The things that she should be doing really soon or within the next 2 months:
Rolling from back to front both sides
Rolling from front to back both sides
Sitting independantly
Grabbing small bits food, like cereal, by raking with her hand and bringing to her mouth
Rolling to reach objects, like her toys

And that is all I can think of right now.

I catch myself getting scared, hoping she hits each milestone.

This has been a whole new experience for me, having a baby be vocal has been such a neat experience! I never heard Brother's voice unless he was crying until he started babbling a bit at age 3 or 4. And Sister babbled some, but nothing like Baby has. Wow, it is amazing what babies can do so early on.

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

It is amazing!! I can't believe our babies are growing up!! I don't think my babies can do all those things! I'll have to test them:) It was great to see you tonight!!

Julie said...

Good Job, Baby! And good job to you, too, Mommy!