Saturday, May 8, 2010

Before we left

So before we "suddenly" went to Florida, we went to my mom's house and the kids had fun playing on Grandpa James' tractors.

 So while all of us adults sat outside on the porch talking and eating Mom's famous popcorn, the kids had all kinds of fun.

Brother was singing on the tractors — it was quite humorous!

Here's Jman and Brother "driving"

LittleB and Sister had a little tiff —these pictures were so cute, I just had to post them. Besides, they will love to look back on these in high school and know that they have always been like sister's.

Here is Sister comingto tattle on LittleB... tee hee...

They must have worked it all out...

I just love the lighting in this picture and it just shows what a blondie MrT is.

I LOVE going to Mom and Dad's. The kids are never bored. I think that one of the biggest reasons my mom loves to yard sale isn't really for the money she makes, it's to get fun toys for the kids. She even has a play room set up now and they have a hay day in there! My dad, I think, loves to see his collection going to good use and making irreplacable memories.

It was fun watching the grandkids play on the "junk" because that is exactly what we used to do as kids.

I remember as a teenager how embarrassed I was to bring my friends to my house because we still had orange and green carpet from the 70's and it was the 90's! Then to top it all off we had a yard full of rusty things that didn't exactly blend in with the scenery. But, it was my friends who got all excited when they found out how awesome my yard was for hide and seek games.

I appreciated my friends for not judging me and just having fun with what we had. Besides, I think it was my mom's french fries that were the clencher...

3 remarks:

Joel and Jessie said...

I love those pictures!

Rochelle said...

Oh I loved going to your house!! You and your mom always made it so much fun!!!

rach said...

I think it's funny how often times what we are "embarrassed" about as kids just happens to be what our friends just love!