Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hairy Scary

No, this has nothing to do with my previous post. Although, we did end up with a winner, after all. Congrats Paola!

OK so onto this post...

Hairy Scary #1

Marc and I have been busy cleaning and arranging the house today. So in the spirit of cleaning Marc moved on to the trash, which meant he needed to walk past Brother's shoes sitting on the porch for the fourth day in a row. So, on his way back into the house, he went to pick them up to throw them in the house and "voila!" Look what he found: Hairy Scary.
See Brother's shoes in the bottom right corner. The bat was under them, right by our front door! Because it was daytime it was too tired to fly away, I guess. It was alive and made some creaking noises when Marc put it in the box to put it somewhere else.
Marc spread its wings out for me so I could get a good picture. What a sweet hubby.

Hairy Scary #2

Then when I went down to put some of my canning bottles away in my cold storage I was reminded of when my sister, Kirsten, was house sitting and she would blog about each day. Well, one of the days she randomly blogged about my potatoes that were starting to grow roots in the basement... here is what she had to say about it:
"I told Jeremy I'd make a good meal, so while he fed the animals... I made some pork chops, potatoes and gravy, and corn. But wait, let's start at the beginning.  I went into the basement and found the potatoes. I felt like I was digging in a nest of spiders! (shiver) The potatoes were growing long, white roots. I think they were out to get me. Rach, you should chop the legs off those bad boys."

So with that thought in mind I looked over at my potato sack and I busted up laughing. I just had to take a picture. It is too funny. Apparently I don't use potatoes enough...
I put the bag on the freezer so that you could get full effect of how long the roots have grown... eeewww!
A look inside. Anyone want a twice baked potato. 
(I'm thinking, just bake it twice so you can make sure they're dead!)

Marc heard my laughter and came in to see what was so funny. I asked him to hold the bag for me so I could get a good picture. This was his reaction:

So he asked if I wanted a picture with my prize potatoes.

Of course!

(I just showed these pictures to Marc and when he saw this one he commented with a smirk, "State Champ.")

I wonder what kind of prize I would get at the fair.

Na. We fed them to the chickens.

I wonder if we'll start getting hashbrowns with our eggs in the morning.

P.S. I have three graduations still to post about but this was short and funny, so I just had to post this first. Graduations, coming soon.

4 remarks:

Mariah said...

So Marc will touch a live bat, but not hairy potatoes? Something seems backward here. I'll take the potatoes and day!

The Chizel Family said...

ha, ha, that is way funny! It will forever be ingraved in my mind when we have potatoes at your house, hmm I wonder if these had spider legs too???

Annie Valerio said...

yuck on the bat...the potatoes were pretty funny though!!! I would give you a blue ribbon for those LOL.

Ethington Family said...