Monday, May 12, 2008

Music Monday Challenge

So, since I am a big fan of my cousin, Brooke's, site--I will join her in the challenge of Music Mondays!

My favorite song, today, is: "Mr. Mom" by Lonestar

Why: OK, so I am a redneck at heart and truly that is a hilarious song. I do wonder how Marc would do it all if I were gone for a while. Besides, after the last few weeks I have had I need a week off!!! ;)

check this link to see the video:

2 remarks:

MVP Family said...

I love this song! I think it is hilarious and makes me wonder what I would come home to if my hubby played Mr.Mom just for a day!

brookiebaby said...

I love that song too! It's pretty funny, and the music video is cute! Thanks babe for taking the challenge of Music Mondays! :) you're so cute! P.S. I love that picture of 2 in the previous post! She looks so innocent! :) What a cutie!