Thursday, May 15, 2008

2.... need I say more?

So, I kept thinking it was just at my house that 2 would get into so much trouble making messes but, now, apparently, she is also comfortable at Kids Who Count. Today Melanie (the teacher) found her hiding behind the big swing with the liquid soap: lid off, soap all over the mat below and she was finger-painting. I mean I can't really blame her because earlier that day we had finger painted with blue paint on blue paper in her class. The liquid soap was blue and the mat was blue--she was just being artistic.

My sister slept over last night--she stayed up late with me because I was up really late working. (I was up till 3:30, woke up at 4:19 off the couch for more work, and then went upstairs to bed while my husband was showering for work at 5:45, I woke up again at 7:00 to get kids off to school and go to work) Anyway, when we came home my sister was still there, I can't remember what we were doing at the time but, I here my sister giggling and she says, "Hey, I think 2 wants to floss her teeth!" I go into my bathroom and she has pulled all the floss out of a brand new roll and had it in a huge bunch--I really had to laugh, because she did actually have a section of it trying to floss her teeth!

Then while I was trying to get my airport set up for my internet 2 must have found the honey that I had left on the counter (ya, I know, dumb me). She had poured it all over the kitchen stool, it was puddling over onto the floor. I grunted and stared at it and then cleaned it up. I thought that was it... then I heard 2 whining downstairs so I went to check on her. She was covered, no, slimed in honey from her waist up. Her hair was sticking up from the honey and her hands were dripping of it. I stuck her in the tub.

Later in the evening I went to go put a movie in for her and my foot stuck to the carpet, I looked down and there are small dribbles of honey. My friend was over at the time and we just laughed while I cleaned it up and then she said, "you really need to put that on your blog along with everything else."

Oh, and just when I thought it was over (10:30pm) I was walking down the stairs and my feet were getting sticky from the drops on the stairs. So I finally turn my brain on and check everywhere for honey--but the only other place I found it was in the perfectly formed tiny handprint on the front of our leather ottoman.

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amyandrandy said...

i love your blog and to be quite honest, i check it for the stories of 2....she is really quite funny. but, you know what i love best, is that you seem to take it as it comes and make it funny. you must be such a great mom.=)

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of us should just cover our furniture and flooring in plastic like that one commercial... then it wouldn't matter what we leave out for the kiddos to get into :) That cute little 2 of yours sounds like Curious George! BTW, that is so cool that you did that design work. You're so good at what you do!