Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paintball at Bubble Rock

Marc and I decided it would be fun to take the family to the desert Saturday. It ended up being our family, my sister's and brother's families and some friends and their families picnicking and paintballing!

It was so much fun!! The sun was shining, it was warm, and it just felt good to be out and active! I can't say enough how fun it was—I think we just really needed to have a good family activity that didn't involve board games, movies or American Idol! Tee Hee!

I took pictures of everyone! I even got some action paintball shots!

We saw a herd of antelope while we were driving out to Bubble Rock there. Actually, 9 was the one who pointed them out. (Many locals here call this area Bubble Rock because of the the round rocks that pop up all over.)

Jessie, Joel, 17 and 9 gathered round the fire waiting to go play.

A shot of everyone who went out to play the first round.

From left to right: Tynelle, Daniel, Marc, B, R's uncle, R, 3's friend, Joel and Hallie in the front in pink.

Joel, Daniel and Marc ready to go.

9 leading his cousins up the hill. He LOVED it out there, all the kids did!

He also loved the picnic and fire

Here I am all geared up to play. Did I already get Marc??? Funny.

All of us gathered up top to watch the paint ball war going on below. It was fun to watch.

Porter, Hallie and 3 watching

9 was happy as pie to be there but, really doesn't enjoy having his picture taken. This is his, I-hate-my-picture-taken face.
Everyone relaxes and eats while we watch the paintballing.
Left to Right: Jessie, Hallie, J, Joel, B, T, 3, Porter and 9

3 is a natural born climber, so of course, she loves it out here. There are great rocks all over to climb on. I couldn't believe, though, how well and how fast she climbed this big one. And she just kept going up and down it over and over again! Porter joined her after a couple of times!

B shooting at R's uncle (I think)

17 and R on the same team. 17 and I love paint balling!

Here's the group heading down to the battle ground again for another round.

Tynelle is in the tan sweatshirt behind the rock, Daniel is making a run for it to get R who is behind another rock, and then Daniel is in position as you'll see below. Daniel is the one peeking up behind the rock and R is in the white standing up.

Here is Tynelle in position—she was quite stealthy

A view of the area and some of the players (if you can see them)

Marc still shooting, while Tynelle walks up in defeat...

Marc and 13 getting in position.

On top of the world!

You should all go to the desert. It is so much fun! I love the area we live in. Mountains, Lakes, Deserts, Valley's, River's—all within 30 minutes! This is the Place!

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Rochelle said...

We DO need to go. That looks like SO mcuh fun!!!

Julie said...

Rick talked about paintballing all weekend. He had so much fun. Now I think he is contemplating buying his own gun! He said you, Racheal, shot him right in the chest! Good shot!

Yo said...

Your family has a lot of fun - way to go!

Kirsten Amelia said...

FUN! You all always have so much fun together. I love it. I wanna go sometime!

Ethington Family said...

oh, that sounds like so much fun!! I love paintballing. Holly cow, 3 climbs awesome! That was a good sized rock and that first picture you can't even see anything to hang on to. She did great! I love those kind of activities, and TALK ABOUT GREAT MOM!

Heather said...

Looks like a good time! It's definitley the time of year when cabin fever sets in!

April said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Im ready for spring! There is nothing like spending quality time with your family. Keep having tuns of fun!

wendy said...


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Rosanne Orgill said...

that looks like so much fun, I would love to do that. Does it hurt when you get hit? It looks cold out there. Fun and there and Judy and James didn't go? They missed out