Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All Dressed Up!

Here is 17 looking fantastic for her Sweetheart Ball at the High School. She took a friend of hers here in the ward. They had a lot of fun! They had dinner here at our house. I made Chicken Pesto, French Bread and Salad, and they had cheesecake for dessert. They played the Wii downstairs on the big screen (guitar hero and mario cart). It was fun to see them, and I am glad that 17 wanted to have part of the date here. They left after games to go to the dance.

Here is our table we set up for the dinner

I always have to take tons of pictures of her in her dress. It is just fun, and I know that I loved having pics of my formal dresses. She is just too cute!

singing and playing guitar--they had so much fun

The flower... that is always fun to watch

Here are the 4 of them. They couldn't round up a larger group so they just had to double.

5 remarks:

amyandrandy said...

17 looks dang cute! I love love her dress. I can't wait for the dances with my girls. Actually on second thought I can!

Jared & Cheryl said...

I love Kelsey! She looks so beautiful!

John said...

how old is that boy she's with? :)

Rachael said...

He is her same age--looks a little young huh? GReat guy though!

Suzy said...

I love that they went together, he is a doll! I love her dress too.