Friday, February 13, 2009

Abe Lincoln and Glenn Beck

Last night my dad invited us to the nearby City Library to view an Abraham Lincoln display collected by a man named Brent F. Ashworth. So 17, 13 and I went while Marc stayed at home with 9 and 3. The drive there was a little scary because of the snow, but it wasn't too bad. (Thank goodness the drive home was totally clear.) When we got to the City Library the parking lot was completely packed, we drove around for about 20 minutes and then finally had to park across the street.

We walked through the falling snow to the building knowing we were a little later than I had hoped to be (7:05 instead of 7:00) and there was a security guard telling people that the place was packed past fire code capacity and that they could not allow anyone up there. So we didn't get to go in and see the Abraham Lincoln look-alike, or the concert that was going on there, but, we did get to see the displays outside. My dad was waiting there for us. I don't know that I was really all that interested in the display but, being there with my dad and having him explain everything with excitement to me and my kids was the best part. Here are some pictures from the experience.
A letter that President Lincoln had sent to one of his lawfirm partners.

I know, excited teenagers at a Lincoln display, priceless...
(Actually they did like it, I think that they were just trying to look cool. Did it work?)

An original stove pipe hat from the era of Abraham Lincoln

My dad, 17 and 13 in front of a cigar store carving of Abraham Lincoln from 18?? (I think 1836)

An article about President Lincoln from the Deseret News January 7th 1843.

Original print of the song "Dixie Land" including an additional verse.

Did you know that "Tom Thumb" was a real person. I thought it was just a fairy tale name. He was General Tom Thumb, a dwarf. Here we are looking at the calling card he would hand to people--a picture of himself, wife, son and daughter. Cool huh?!

The plaque reads: "A piece of the flag of truce under which General Lee entered our lines to propose terms of surrender. Presented to Mrs. Walker by Mrs. General Custer. April 1865"

My dad also explained that the little piece of white cloth (on the right hand side of the frame) was actually a dishcloth. It is all they had that was white--one of the cooks presented a white dishcloth that had 3 red stripes on it, but it was all they had.

This is a piece of President Abraham Lincoln's funeral flag that was draped over his coffin.

Brent F. Ashworth

Gone With the Wind Movie Poster.

Lincoln's Springfield, Illinois home.

On the stairs of the Library on the way out.

Just thought this looked cool. This is 17 and 13 walking on the sidewalk to the car.

So I checked out this site because it was on my cousin's wife's blog. It is about 9 principles that TV personality, Glenn Beck put together. You should check out this link, it is really cool what he has to say. I challenge all of you to read up on it and send your picture in if you agree. I think it will be pretty awesome! Here is Glenn Beck's 9 Principles. So I put our picture in.

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Heather said...

That collection is really cool. I would have enjoyed that too!
I'm about to read those Glenn Beck principles... he's great!

Ethington Family said...

so funny thing, do you remember Amy Butters? she is married to Brent Ashworth's son. I remember hearing about the collecting. (i think i got that right). he sold one of his paintings to pay for his house. Anyway that is a great collection, and even neater since I knew the name and I am still in touch with Amy. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love learning about Abraham Lincoln! I would've loved to go to that. If you want a good (but very long) book to read "Team of Rivals" is one of my favorite's and it's about his presidency. I believe it's at Costco right now for cheap. Anyway, that book made me realize what an amazing leader he really was and I would read it again just because I learned so much. Okay, am I going overboard with this comment? sorry :)